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Църквата “Свети Пантелеймон”, ВидинCod 2668

Occurred since the beginning of the 17th century or earlier. It is located in the city castle. In 1560 in Vidin the Muslims have complained to the Sultan that those who worship in the Bulgarian church „interfere“ with prayers from the adjacent mosques.
Shortly thereafter „accidentally“ the Bulgarian temple was demolished, but then it was rebuilt. Perhaps it was the church of „St. Panteleimon“.
The church is formed from a single building with dimensions of 7.10 meters wide and 15.60 meters long without apse. It consists of an entrance hall, nave (middle part) and the apse. The walls are dug into the soil to a depth of 1.40 m. The room is separated from the nave by a wall which has three arched openings. On the northern wall in the apse there are two niches related to religious rite. The antechamber and nave are covered with a massive cylindrical vault, built of stone and brick.The walls of the cells are of masonry with stone bricks. Under the roof is the rack cornice stone and four rows of bricks. On the southern side of the arch are open three windows that complement the light received by those 5 windows of the walls in question. According to the inscription, built at the front door, the church was restored in 1633 on older foundations.
The painting was made in 1646 and the old iconostasis is not preserved. On the inscription can be read“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit to renew this divine temple of the holy and glorious martyr Panteleimon in year 1633 and .. […].“
Inside the church the walls are covered with murals, the works of unknown artists. In the narthex is described St. Roman (Roma) and the donor Zhupan Thomas. The church is painted by Ditcho Zograph.
In the upper parts of the walls of the ship are presented belts and pendants with images of saints and on the vault – evangelical scene. In the center of the arc, are two medallions that depict Christ and Mary. In the narthex there is an original developed scene of the Judgment. Reserved are two icons with silver plates of the work in 1823 and 1832, of local silversmiths. There are two candleholders made of filigree in the form of ships sailing along. Within the church operates a school. In 1797 is surrounded by a wall, of 4 meters high. At its outside entrance, after two years, was built a wooden belfry. There are no information regarding the hanging of the bell. On both sides of the wall are outbuildings. At the beginning of the nineteenth century on the southern side of the church was built a building suitable for the church, called „St. Nicholas the New“. In 1926, the wooden bell tower and the church of „St. Nicholas the New“ were destroyed. It was built a new church with the same holy name. The church of „St. Panteleimon“ has restored and preserved frescoes. It was declared a monument of architecture and art of national importance.

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