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“Chuprene” Biosphere ReserveCod 2639

“Chuprene” biosphere reserve is a strictly protected area created in 1973 to preserve the pine forests of northern Bulgaria. Approximately 90% of it, is covered with coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests of spruce, beech common, sycamore and birch white, and the rest is occupied by alpine meadows, stone rivers and uninhabited areas. The average age of coniferous trees is of more than 110 years old and they occupy 68.6% of the territory. In 1977, “Chuprene” is included in the list of biosphere reserves under the “Man and Biosphere”. The fauna of the area is diverse.
Were established over 170 species of birds; 53 species of mammals, 14 species of bats; 11 species of amphibians and 15 species of reptiles. Birds are the best represented group of vertebrate animals – 68 species. There are smaller kestrel, corncrake, globally threatened species. You can see more black stork, red kite, falcon, mountain quail, owl, barn owl. The reserve is inhabited by some of the most attractive birds in Bulgaria – gull, blue rock thrush and blue crow. This diversity of birds is because through there goes one of the major migratory routes.
In the biosphere of the “Chuprene” reserve remained the only population of grouse. Among the common mammals are included, in the Red Book, the otter, marten and wolf. There are also stags, deer, wild boar. In 1986, because of the value of the reserve, it was declared a buffer zone with an area of 542.3 ha, to reduce and limit the human impact on the ecosystem and preserve the distinctive character.Near the reserve are the famous Belogradchik rock formations.

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