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The Wooden Church ”Saint Parascheva”, VideleCod 1567

The church was built in 1819 in village Cârtojani de Jos or Vida-Cârtojani, on property of freeholders. About its age speak some inscriptions preserved on the walls of the church and on a stone cross placed in front of it. These inscriptions clear de role played by priest John and priestess Manda, on raising this […]

Rest and Recreation Resort “Ştrand Vedea”, Turnu MăgureleCod 1566

Rest and Recreation Resort “Ştrand Vedea” has two pools for adults and children and 600 chairs. Within the complex are available the following services: – Pool; – Sauna; – Jacuzzi; – football field; – Swimming lessons. The location includes a swimming pool for adults, an outdoor pool, changing rooms, showers, loungers and a restaurant. Access […]

Turnu Măgurele’s Court, Turnu MăgureleCod 1565

Starting with year 1855, with mention in an official document of the city Turnu Magurele, the city grew no faster or slower than its related cities on the Danube, of course taking into account geographical size, number of inhabitants or economic strength and specificity of the essential activities. Being a county capital for 112 years, […]

The Statue of Mircea cel Batran, Turnu MăgureleCod 1564

Mircea cel Batran is the one who rebuilt and strengthened Turnu fortress as protection against the Ottoman advance. The monument is executed in bronz and was built in 1968, being a creation of  the sculptor from Bucharest, Oscar Han. After the Dacian-Roman wars from the years 101-106 AD, concluded by the victory of  the Roman […]

The Saint Haralambos Church, Turnu MăgureleCod 1563

The Cathedral “Sf. Haralambos “in the city of Turnu Magurele is considered to be the most representative monument in Teleorman County for its ecclesiastical art dating from the early twentieth century. The cathedral is an impressive construction, having 37 meters long, 23 meters wide and 25 meters high, being also a true  architectural monument, the […]

The Statue of the Dorobanț Soldier, Turnu MăgureleCod 1562

The Statue of the Dorobanț Soldier is executed by Italian sculptor Raffaello Romanelli, in 1907, to honor the heroism of the dorobanti soldiers in the 1877-1878 Independence war. The monument depicts a soldier with his hat tilted; on the monument’s base there are two bas-reliefs, displaying battle scenes and an open wings vulture carrying a […]

The Bust of General Praporgescu, Turnu MăgureleCod 1561

The Bust Of General David Praporgescu was raised to honor General David Praporgescu, son of peasants, born in Turnu Măgurele, fallen in WWI, in the battles on the Olt river, in the Carpathian peaks, on September 30th 1916. The bust was done by sculptor Gheorghe Iliescu-Călinesti. David Praporgescu was born in 1865, in Turnu Măgurele, […]

Independence Monument, Turnu MăgureleCod 1560

The monument was executed in 1985, by a group of architects from Bucharest. It is placed at the entrance of the central park in the city. The compound is built shaped like a semicircle and displays a statue group composed of three soldiers, representing three types of military troops: dorobanti, marines and frontier guards. On […]

The Central Park, Turnu MăgureleCod 1559

Central Park in Turnu Magurele, called the Public Garden, with an area of 2 hectares, was established in 1876 by a group of horticulturists from Bucharest, modeled after Prater Park in Vienna. Within the park can be admired some exotic trees, such as “Sophora japonica” which blooms in August, a species of chestnut called “Aesculum […]

The Water Tower, Turnu MăgureleCod 1558

The Water Tower from Turnu Măgurele was built in 1915 with the objective to supply water to the city. Today is declared a historical monument. Since past, city residents have had problems with water. Between 1890 and 1907 there have been repeated attempts to identify the major sources of groundwater, but without success. In April […]