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The Manor House „Manu”, MeriCod 1538

The manor house “Manu” was built in the late nineteenth century being a part of the General George Manu’s estate in the town Scrioaştea. General George Manu’s estate was made up of villages Măldăieni, Scrioaştea and Papa, having an area of 2,332 hectares, of which 150 ha of forest and 70 hectares of meadows. The school and City Hall is due to Manu. Gheorghe Manu or George Manu was born on July 26, 1833 in Bucharest and died on 16 May 1911 Bucharest. A former Romanian general and statesman, who served as chairman of the Council of Ministers between 1889 and 1891.

Gheorghe Manu was the son of former locum tenens of Muntenia, Ion Manu and of Ana, the daughter of the Great Ban, Alexander Ghica. At age 14 is enrolled in The Cadets School in Potsdam, and after graduation, the Romanian government allowed him to remain with the Prussian army as lieutenant, to specialize. He attended military school in Berlin between 1850-1853 and between 1854-1856 Artillery Special School, also in Berlin. In 1853 Manu became second lieutenant, then lieutenant in 1858, captain in 1859, major in 1860, lieutenant-colonel in 1864, brigadier general in 1877, to major general in 1906.

He was professor for artillery at Military School of  officers in Bucharest between 1859-1860, then commander of the artillery battery first riders of the first battalion of the Romanian Country in 1860. Between 1860-1864, Manu was Commander of Division 2 of the first artillery regiment of the Romanian country, then commander of the first artillery regiment of the Romanian Country between 1864-1869, minister of war between 1859-1870, 1888-1889 and 1904- 1907, commander of 4th infantry Division in 1877, artillery commander of the Army of operations between 1877-1878, general inspector of artillery in 1878 and between 1881-1883, commander of 3rd infantry Division in 1881. Besides military functions, he also had political functions. Thus, between 1874-1877, Gheorghe Manu was General Mayor of Bucharest, between 1888-1889 and 1892-1895 was Vice President and President of the Assembly of Deputies, between 1889-1901 he was chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Interior, in 1891 was Minister of public domains, commerce, agriculture and industry, between 1889-1900 was Minister of Finance in 1900 and was Minister of Interior. General Manu increased the Romanian regiments from 4 to 8, helped setting up the mountain artillery and the territorial one, endowed the army with cannons of 75 mm and 87 mm caliber, both 1880 model. He was a founding member of the Geographic Society of Romania, being the vice president and then president the Steering Committee for thirty-six years. He has, also been continuously concerned with the achievement of the Great geographical dictionary of Romania. But he was also president of the Assembly of Deputies, between February 26th 1892 and October 24th 1895. From this position has contributed to the adoption of important laws to modernize Romania: Law on Agricultural Credit (May 16th 1892), the Law of primary education (May 18th 1892), the Law for the exploitation of the telephone (June 11th 1892), the Law for the discovery of monuments and antiquities (December 6th 1892), Law of the clergy laity and seminars (June 10th 1893), the Law on maximum utility fees and contributions (July 16 1893), the Law for the establishment of rural Gendarmerie (September 1, 1893), the Mining Law (May 3, 1895).

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