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Folk Youth Assembly “With Bulgaria in the heart”, KavarnaCod 2096

More than ten years Kavarna town folk Youth Assembly is hosting “With Bulgaria in the heart”. Event organizers are Kavarna Municipality and the Company fr producent “Pirin”. During the three-day event it will be attended by children and young folk in Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria. The festival is not a competition, but […]

National Festival of Amateur Theaters “Kavarna”, KavarnaCod 2095

Traditional festival of amateur theaters nationwide with international participation is already taking place for almost two decades in Kavarna. Every year, the town hosts theater groups from all over Bulgaria. Seven days the magic of Melpomene achieve the best audience in the theater after the show selective session. The festival is held under the patronage […]

Russian Soldiers Memorial “Ossuary”, KavarnaCod 2094

Ossuary was opened on November 5th 1981. Here are preserved bones of dead Russian soldiers who fell in the struggle for liberation Kavarna – year 1877. Subsequently, the ossuary was destroyed and looted. In year 2005 was restored again. Every year, on March 3, here is marked the anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from […]

Kavarna Rock Fest, KavarnaCod 2093

Kavarna Rock Fest is the largest rock festival in Bulgaria. Traditional rock festival takes place for more than a decade, bringing world renowned musicians worldwide and their enthusiasts in Bulgaria. In 2015 there was an anniversary – ten years’ anniversary edition of the American heavy metal band festivaluluim, and “Tuisted Sister” is the headliner. New […]

Sports Complex “Rusalka”, DobrichCod 2092

The sports complex “Rusalka” is located in downtown Dobrich among the greenery of the park “St. George”. For the citizens and guests of Dobrich there are indoor pool, outdoor sports courts for football and fitness room, volleyball and basketball hall, tot use. The pool can accommodate about 450 children. Its length is 25 meters and […]

International Bocce Tournament, ShablaCod 2091

Petanque comes from French and is a sport associated with throwing metal balls. Playing on the playground with the size of 15-40 m. The floor can be different – sand, grass and others. In the middle there is a wood ball called cosonet, a ball with a diameter of 25-30 mm and metal balls are […]

Tuzla from Shabla, ShablaCod 2090

Tuzla of Shabla is located on approximately 250 acres and lies about 6 km east of the town of Shabla. The lake is completely separated from the sea, with a width of approximately 80 m sand. It is the Salt Lake – lagoon, formed mainly by infiltration of seawater salty sand dunes that separates it […]

Karalezka Fountain, Stefan KaradgeaCod 2089

Karalezka fountain is known from Yordan Yovkov’s story “The song wheel”. The fountain you can see today in Stefan Karadgea village not far from the town of Dobrich. It got its name from the nearest village then, Kaal (with today Tsarevets village). Yovkov connects with the public welfare construction was called sebap, committed by someone […]

Dry RiverCod 2088

Frangensko dry river, springs from the plateau and flows into Lake Oltina in Northern Dobrogea, Romania. The total length of Bulgarian territory is 120 km. More than a century ago because of systematic deforestation, river dry in its bottom and middle. Water exists only in melting snow and torrential rains. During the summer months, the […]

Batovska Valley, BatovoCod 2087

Batovska River Valley is the only mountain in the field in Bulgaria. If you travel by car for the first time on the road from Dobrich to Albena, local nature will surprise you – almost suddenly gushing valley below the mountain slopes covered with forests. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most beautiful places in […]