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The Protected Area „Orlova Mogila”, Orlova MogilaCod 2086

Orlova Mogila is a protected area in the city of Dobrichka. Protected area “Orlova Mogila” is located only 22 km from the town of Dobrich, shortly before Orlova Mogila village. This unique place has kept many beautiful and fragrant peony deposits. In the area are preserved and steppe vegetation debris similar to one that was […]

The Protected Area „Chairya”, MetodievoCod 2085

The area is known for its diversity of birds and attract tourists who have a keen interest in ornithology. It focuses on the area around the villages Metodievo and General Kolevo, continuing the municipality General Toshevo. The area is one of the few pastures of semi-natural steppe vegetation remaining in Dobrogea. In winter and spring […]

Cirakman Cape, Beach of KavarnaCod 2084

Chirakman head rises majestically on the beach of Kavarna and is one of the city’s symbols. Name means flashlight and according to historical sources, in the past, served as a reference. It is located 3 km south of Kavarna and it is a nice finish of a beautiful valley, which comes down the road from […]

Archaeological Reserve Yailata, 1.5 km south of Kamen BryagCod 2083

Yailata is a unique corner of the Black Sea coast. Located northeast of Bird Bay, between Cape Shabla and Kaliakra majestic Cape, about 1.5 km south of Kamen Bryag. “Yailata” is a picturesque place that topographic represents a terrace half km dug in the steep and rocky shore with access extremely difficult at sea and […]

The Old Mill, BalchikCod 2082

Balchik large mill was built by an anonymous industrial company in the year 1909. The project and its implementation are attributed to the German company, which has participated in the implementation of the largest silos and mills era – those in Frankfurt, Budapest, Genoa, Munich, Venice and more. For a year, the company built in […]

Ancient and Medieval Fortress in the District „Horizon”Cod 2081

During the first millennium BC instead of Balchik modern city, here was located the ancient Greek polis and trac “Kruni”. It occupies a large area surrounded by a massive fortified wall. At north reaches a modern bus station, at the west wall the main street runs west, covering part of the city center today. South […]

Rehabilitation Hospital of Tuzla, BalchikCod 2080

Tuzla Rehabilitation Hospital is a hospital specialized in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral and central nervous system. Working with Indtitutul House Health and Social Security and receiving free patients. You will be taken care of medical specialists, therapists and nurses trained to perform physical therapy after neuro-development methodologies such as Vojta and Bobath. […]

Tuzlata Area, BalchikCod 2079

Tuzla area is a paradise preserved human achievement, just 4 km east of Balchik, situated high above the beach. The area is extremely suitable for rest and treatment in nature. “Tuzla” is known primarily with the terms of spa and mud spa treatment and this coast – with wonderful opportunities for recreation. Primary means of […]

State Hunting Complex “Tervel”, TervelCod 2078

State Hunting complex got its name from the town of Tervel, around which are forests and complex. CVD Tervel is located in Dobrich region and covers the entire territory of the municipality of Tervel, 26 localities. Tervel CVD exist as forestry unit since the year 1934. Located in the Danube valley – Southern Dobrogea. Forests […]

State Hunting Complex “General Toshevo”, General ToshevoCod 2077

State hunting complex “General Toshevo” named after General Toshevo city, the largest settlement in the County and its administrative natural center, where it is established its residence. Located in northeastern Bulgaria, Dobrichka northeast region, 24 km from the town of Dobrich, 64 km from Varna, 40 km from Balchik, north bordering the border with Romania. […]