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Rehabilitation Hospital of Tuzla, BalchikCod 2080

Tuzla Rehabilitation Hospital is a hospital specialized in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral and central nervous system.
Working with Indtitutul House Health and Social Security and receiving free patients.
You will be taken care of medical specialists, therapists and nurses trained to perform physical therapy after neuro-development methodologies such as Vojta and Bobath.

The hospital has a department of “Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation”, which is divided into three sections.
The “Treatment electro and light.” The sector has modern equipment to perform magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, electrostimulation, IR and visible band irradiated with UVB.

In the “rehabilitation” is carried out in various forms of physical therapy, massage and healing effect, recovery massage therapy, mechanical, medical physical education.

In the “Mud Therapy” there are mud procedures. It performs complete and partial mud applications. Mud sector medical establishment has outdoor and indoor sector. Mud procedures in the outdoors is achieved by applying mud on the body and subsequent solar radiation (so-called “Egyptian method”).

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