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State Hunting Complex “Balchik”, BalchikCod 2076

State hunting complex “Balchik” is located in the south-eastern Dobrogea, about 480 km from Sofia and just 45 km from Varna.
The average altitude in the area is 150 m. The annual average temperature ranges between 10 ° C to 12 ° C. The climate is characterized by mild winters and hot summers and wet, but dry and sunny. Annual rainfall varies between 480-580 mm, which indicates that the area is one of the driest in the country. The average number of days with snow cover is 70.
The landscape is varied – flat in the south-eastern Dobrogea plateau and hill in the valley through which the river Batovska Batovska, with a total length of 39 km.
The complex bordering the north and east reaches Romania Black Sea coast. Balchik complex hunting territory is located in an area comprising five municipalities – Balchik, Kavarna, Shabla, Dobrichka and Aksakovo. The total area of the complex is 15 913 ha, of which hunting of large cattle complex is separated on an area of 7495 ha.
In holding are two reserves, a natural park and three protected areas.
Typical of the region are leaved oak forests and sky with undergrowth privet, hazel, hornbeam.
The main hunted species that inhabit the Complex are: red deer, wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer.
The strength point of the Complex is hunting migratory birds with feathers. With success is characterized hunt pheasants, ducks, geese, snipe, doves, quail.
The best trophies hunted deer complex holds the world record for capital noble and trophies for wild boar, mouflon and deer.
The best trophies hunted during the last season won gold, silver and bronze deer, wild boar and mouflon.
State hunting complex “Balchik” has a newly built hunting complex – “Shabla” on the Black Sea, in which are built 4 houses with one individual luxury apartment and 10 double rooms. In the heart of the game is a big hunting lodge “Batovska” with 4 doubles and hunting lodge “Doliste” with 2 doubles.
Adjacent to the complex is the resorts “Albena” – 15 km and “Golden Sands” 30 km. This allows organizing various leisure trips for hunters away – water sports, fishing, visits to historic sites and other.

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