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Botanical Garden, BalchikCod 2006

The today Botanical Garden existat din anul 1955. Part of the total area (194 acres) is protected by law. The location is wonderful for both amateurs and experts in the field of plants High biodiversity and natural ecosystems should be seen by everyone.
Complex architectural park “Castle” is, also, located in the botanical garden “backyard”. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was used by Maria Alexandrina Victoria of Edingurg ((Romanian Queen) as a residence.Today, one can see the beautiful garden terraces, green arcades, steep stairs, numerous streams,a big waterfall, etc.
The Botanical Garden has more than 3,000 plant species from around the world, including exotic tropical and subtropical species. There are about 370 labeled plants, shrubs and trees. During the warmer months of the year an outdoor exposure is organized of the suculent plants (some of them bloom at 100 years) and cacti that are over 600 species. In all seasons, they can be seen in closed rooms. There are cacti resistant to winter which draw the visitors attention. Among trees appear very rare species such as tree candy, ruber tree, an old ginkgo tree, a paper tree, Liriodendron, Metasequoia (this tree was considered extincted, until it was descovered alive by the academician Nicolai Stoianov during an expedition in China), etc. The flowers in the garden are arranged very nicely. Among these can be seen both, summer species and protected species like ferns, vines, shrubs and other perennials. In the garden there are beautiful water lilies and magnolias. The entry is arranged brilliantly with annual plants. In the rosary it can be see different types of roses with delightfulperfume. The botanical Garden is beautiful Gradina in all seasons.

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