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Tourist and Bike Trail Svrazhen, Staro SeloCod 2795

The trail starts on the main road Mezdra – Sofia and follows the river Kamenitsa. Climbing further up takes you to Staro Selo neighbourhood and the Church of the Most Holy Mother of God, built back in 1492. Information boards along the trail tell the stories of the locality and the men who used to […]

Sport-Tourist Trail “Forest Trail of Health”, VratsaCod 2794

The trail is an excellent opportunity for visitors to combine outdoors fitness training with a nice walk in the mountain. There are five grounds with various fitness facilities along the trail and guides informing visitors about the recommendable exercises and proper amounts of training load. Up the highest point of the trail, there is a […]

Zverino Village – Peak Yavorets – Peak OkolchitsaCod 2793

The trail starts at village Zverino. Following the valley of Kamenitsa river you will reach the Gradishka hill. It continues through wide meadows of Kosharen locality and after one hour and a half reachs the south slopes of Stagata peak. The trail goes under the peak Yavorets and continues down to meadow “Buchiva poliana”. From […]

Lakatnik Railway Station – Milanovo Village – Parshevitsa HutCod 2792

This trail starts at Zhitolub karst spring across off Lakatnik railway station. A pathway with handrails and rest points winds along the Chernata Stena leading to Alpiiska Poliana, where there are shelters and rest points. A broad pathway to the right leads to the Chernata Stena. Atop the cliff, an alpine shelter, Orlovo Gnezdo (Eagle’s […]

Ochin Dol Village – Parshevitsa Hut, VratsaCod 2791

A steep pathway leads from the village square up to Presvetitsa locality to the north end of the village, where vestiges of an early Christian church of the fifth or sixth century has been unearthed, climbing further up on the road through Rachova Poliana to Padesh locality. Now the trail takes to the north on […]

Parshevitsa Hut – Borov Kamak Locality – Tsarevo Livage – Mount OkolchitsaCod 2790

Walking from the hut to the north takes you to the road to the old mine. After a 10- minute walk on the road, reaching the Red Turn, the trail starts climbing down through beech woods to a vast clearing over Borov Kamak Waterfall. Then it continues to the east- northeast through old beech woods, […]

Mount Okolchitsa – Pogledets Locality – Rashov Dol Locality – Lutibrod Village, VratsaCod 2789

From the monument on Mount Okolchitsa you have to go down the road to Vratsa. In about 40 minutes you have to turn to the left and through a vast limestone pavement with a pen, the path goes down to Pogledets locality, where there is an arbour. Climbing further down through Krivulio locality past Pogledets […]

Botev’s Route: Vratsa – Iolkovitsa Locality – Mount Okolchitsa, VratsaCod 2788

The trail starts near Vratsa–Sofia road at the fork leading to the village of Pavolche, climbing up a woodland path to a small terraced clearing in Kurdovitsa locality. The path meanders to take you to a vast meadow, Taushanitsa locality, then again enters the woods and up a brook leads to Leskovoto Kladenche. Here the […]

Vratsa – Medkovets Quarter – Jenskata Locality – Mount Okolchitsa, VratsaCod 2787

From the centre of Medkovets quarter you have to reach the highest part on the outskirts of the quarter, and then turn to the left and cross the stream in Medkovski Dol. Here a stony cart track begins, turning and twisting and shortcutting the turns in the road, leading to the ravine in the foothills […]

Trail Vratsa – Skaklia Waterfall – Patleina, Izbata Locality – Mount Okolchitsa, VratsaCod 2786

Near the street of the Fire Brigade(or past Hristo Botev General Hospital) you reach the outskirts of the city at Zora nursing home for the elderly. The path takes you past an old limestone quarry and turns left crossing the bed of a small rivulet falling from the waterfall.v Then it climbs slightly and leads […]