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Thematic Trail Karst and Biodivercity, Vrachanski BalkanCod 2755

The trail has been built in the immediate vicinity of Ledenika Cave. Walking, visitors get familiarized with karst landforms, the typical flora and fauna and their interrelation. Information boards provide visitors with information about the “Varchanski Karst” Reserve, the frontier of  which is followed. Along the trail  there are rest points and view tower towards […]

Historical Trail “Ancient and Miledieval Vratitsa”, GradishteCod 2754

This trail was built in Gradishte locality, in the immediate vicinity of Vratsata Gorge, where the city of Vratsa was once established according to historical records. At the time of the second Bulgarian state the settlement was forti ed with a wall and grew up to be a town center e trail familiarizes visitors with […]

Entertainment Park “Srednovekovie”, Vrachanski BalkanCod 2753

Located very near to the town of Vratsa and Vrachanski Balkan, the complex offers great experience for its guests. The design of the park is in Medieval theme, and atmosphere can send you into the times of the ancient Bulgarian nation. The complex has restaurants, summer bar, barbeque, two swimming pools and offers horse riding.

“Ponora” Cave, ChirenCod 2752

It’s a water cave located near to Chiren’s village, 15 km away from Vratsa. One of the largest water caves in Bulgaria with lots of water galleries. The cave is 3km and 497m long and in all galleries there is a flowing river.

Complex “Dyado Yotso”, Ochin DolCod 2751

Located near Ochin dol village, the main attraction is the 5m tall sculpture of the Ivan Vazov’s literature character “Dyado Yotso”. The sculpture is made by white vrachanski stone, nearby is a beautiful garden, and an open restaurant where you can try traditional Bulgarian dishes.

“Lakatnishki” Rocks, VratsaCod 2750

Located on the left shore of Iskar’s river between Otpletnenska and Proboynitsa rivers. The rocks are 250m height and they gave the beginning of the organized alpine climbing in Bulgaria. Nearby are: “Temnata dupka” cave, the carstic spring “Zhitoliub” and etc.

Landmark “Ritlite”, VratsaCod 2749

Unique rock phenomenom with height of 60-80 m. It is located on the left shore of Iskar’s s river nearby the village Liuyti brod. North of the place the medieval settlement Koritengrad is located and also a monastery complex. Nearby are also: the historical landmark Rashov dol, and the trail “The white rocks”.

“Rashov Dol” Area, VratsaCod 2748

It is located nearby the left shore of Iskar’s river near the rock phenomenom “Ritilite”. The place is being associated with the last known battleground of Botev followers after the death of their leader. Every year in Rashov dol, on 3rd of June, the local people from the village Liuyti dol, are recreating the battle […]

“Bozhiyat Most”, VratsaCod 2747

This is a natural bridge with an entrance arch of 20m height and 25m width. You can reach it by an eco-path and it has nice area for resting. It is also nearby and ancient keep called “Gradishte”. Under the bridge there is a cave named “Ponora” and also carstic spring called “Zhabokrek”.

Nature’s Park “Vrachanski Balkan”, VratsaCod 2746

Officialy announced in 1988, covering huge territory in the north – west region, including almost the whole Vratsa’s mountain. The area is rich in animal and plant species – 180 bird species, 170 waterfalls and etc.