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Tourist Trail VRATSA – LOCUMCHETO Locality – ZAMBINA MOGILA Locality – PARSHEVITSA Hut, VratsaCod 2785

The trail starts at Natura Enviromental and Information Centre, following the road to the village of Zgorigrad and turning to the right after Vratsata Gorge takes the road to Ledenika Cave. After the first sharp turn in the road it turns to the left on a beaten cart track. Then a mountain path takes you […]

Vratsa Eco Trail “Borov Kamak”, ZgorigradCod 2784

The trail starts at the end of Zgorigrad village and follows the Canyon of Leva River. A climbing system of bridges and stairs on the both slopes of river gets to the “Borov Kamak” Falls, which soars some 63 meters. The trail passes under the waterfall and goes up by wooden stair on the right […]

Track for Auto-Modelling, VratsaCod 2783

The track is one of the newest and modern tracks in Bulgaria. It provides the opportunity to the youngsters to develop their interest in the auto-modelling.

Indoor Volleyball Hall “Haleto”, VratsaCod 2782

The hall is used by the local volleyball team. The team has both boys and girls formations in all ages, numbering about 200 kids and it is the most popular team sport in the town. The hall is not in a good shape but this cannot stop the young talents from the town to train […]

Indoor Athletics Hall, VratsaCod 2781

The hall is used by the local athletics team and sometimes for amateur  soccer players. The hall is right next to stadium “Hristo Botev”

Carting Track, VratsaCod 2780

The track is one of the longest in the state. The whole length of the track is almost 1000m and the tribune can hold up to 1500 viewers.

Open Swimming Pool, VratsaCod 2779

The open swimming pool in Vratsa is 50 m long and has 8 corridors, as well as water slide and tiny pool for the smallest visitors of the attraction. The pool is operating during the summer season, June – August. The place provides fun experience for the citizens of the town and its guests. The […]

Indoor Swimming Pool, VratsaCod 2778

The swimming pool is with Olympic size and it is opened for the citizens of the town. During the week days the pool operates from 6 – 18 o’clock, and on the weekends, 10 – 17 o’clock. Thanks to the swimming pool, Vratsa has champions in the water sports in both boys and girls formations. […]

Stadium “Lokomotiv”, MezdraCod 2777

It is a multifunctional stadium in the town of Mezdra. It is used mainly for soccer games by the local soccer team. The stadium is built in 1946 with a capacity of 5000 people. The size of the field is 105 length and 68m width.

The Passage “Vratsata”, Vrachanski BalkanCod 2776

Called “Vratitsa” in the medieval ages, the passage is an emblem for the town of Vratsa. The vertical rocks of “Vratsata”are the highest on the Balkan peninsula – over 400m and there are the most popular alpine object in Bulgaria. In the gorge you can find the ancient leftovers of the medieval keep “Vratitsa”. The […]