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Parshevitsa Ski Resort, Kalichina BaraCod 2775

The resort is located only 25km away from Vratsa in the country named Kalchina bara, 1280m altitude height near the famous Ledenika cave. The region offers excellent conditions for skiing, mountaineering and paragliding.

Stadium “Hristo Botev“, VratsaCod 2774

“Hristo Botev” is a multifunctional stadium in Vratsa town. The stadium is used mostly for soccer games and it’s owned by the local soccer named by the same way as the stadium. It is built in 1948 and has the capacity of 32 000 people. The terrain is also used by the local athletics team […]

The Osenovlashki Monastery “The Holy Virgin”, VratsaCod 2773

The monastery Osenovlashki “The Holy Virgin”, known under the name of the Seven Thrones, is situated in a picturesque area of the Balkan Mountains, at the skirts of the mountain Izmerets in the beautiful valley of the small river Gabrovnica. In order to arrive at the monastery there is passed the Quays of the River. […]

The “Holy Apostles” Cathedral, VratsaCod 2772

The today’s temple was built above the ruins of an antique church from 1898. The massive architecture, styled in the interior and the biggest church consists of 3 thrones in the name of Paisiy Hilendarski and of Saint Sofroniy Vrachanski, helped for choosing the church as a temple cathedral of the city Vratsa. The interior […]

The Monastery Matneshki “Saint Nicolas the Wonder Maker”, Beli IzvorCod 2771

The monastery Matneshki “Saint Nicolas” has been founded in the 12th century and it was destroyed and re-built repeatedly. The monastery was an important literary and educational center in the Middle Ages and during the times of the Ottoman domination. The monastery Matneshki “Saint Nicolas” in the proximity of the fountain Matnishkiya from the skirts […]

“Saint Nicholas” Church, TsarevetsCod 2770

The medieval church “Saint Nicholas” is situated in the center of the village Tsarevets, in the courtyard of the new church “Dimitrie”, surrounded by old funeral stones from the period of the Renaissance. The legend says the fact that many years ago, when the Turks destroyed the Orthodox churches, this church was spared, in order […]

The Tsarevets Monastery, TsarevetsCod 2769

The cave monastery Tsarevets is situated at the southern margin of the village Tsarevets, at approximately 100 – 200 meters on the left border of the Iskar River. In the rocks from the areas of “Govedarnika” and “Kamikul medium” the nature created small caves; they don’t have any name and the locals call them “wholes” […]

“Saint Nicholas” Church, SofronievoCod 2768

Sofronievo (until 1934 – Sarbenitsa) is a village from the north – west of Bulgaria, situated at the eastern end on the most fertile part from the plain of the Danube – gold, starting from the proximity of the village Vălcedrăm and including the fields between the rivers and Tsibritsa Augusta. The area of the […]

“The Abandoned Church”, Kameno PoleCod 2767

Kameno Pole is a village from the north – west of Bulgaria. This is situated in Vratsa, the municipality Roman. The village is situated exactly between Cherven Bryag and Mezdra. Through the village there passes the beautiful river Fore after which on the path there is formed a very picturesque scenery of gaps and rock […]

The “Sofronius” Church from Vratsa, VratsaCod 2766

The “Saint Ascension” church, currently the monument – temple “Saint Sofronie from Vratsa” is situated in the center of the city Varna, near the Renaissance ethnographic complex “Sofronius from Vratsa”. The church is the oldest religious building from the city, built in 1848. Until the years ’70 of the XIXth century, “Saint Ascension” was numbered […]