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“Skaklya” Waterfall, VratsaCod 2745

Skaklya is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria – 141m. It is situated 1.5 km south of Vratsa town, behind the hill Kaleto. In its region are found ruins from the medieval Bulgarian settlement Patleyna. The waterfall is extremely beautiful during all seasons of the year and on its highest point you can see the town […]

Tourist March “Po Patya na Botevata Cheta”, VratsaCod 2744

The march represents the way on which the rebel Hristo Botev and his followers walked on during the Russian-Turkish war. After landing on the shore of Kozloduiy, they started to encourage the people from the local villages to follow them and fight for the freedom of their homeland. Sadly very few people followed the rebellion […]

Forest Path “The Fairytales”, VratsaCod 2743

It is created in 2001 near the “Ledenika”cave and becomes one of the most visited places on the territory of Vratsa town. It is mostly preferred by families, schoolers, and individual tourists. The new design of the eco path will surprise its visitors with new fairytale characters, stories with unexpected end, and entertaining games. There […]

The Ship “Radetzky”, KozloduyCod 2742

The “Radetzky” was an Austro-Hungarian passenger steamship built in 1851 in the shipyard in Óbuda, Hungary, and used for regular services on the Danube, mainly between Orşova, Austria-Hungary and Galaţi, Romania. Named after Bohemian nobleman and Austrian general Joseph Radetzky von Radetz (1766–1858), it is most notable as part of the history of Bulgaria as […]

Park “Dabnika”, VratsaCod 2741

The park is located in the biggest neighbourhood in Vratsa. The park has 3000 trees, bushes, flowers, theater scene, outside fitness gym, kid’s playground, area for pets and etc. The whole place is video monitored and it has lights on all the time.

Complex “Oasis”, VratsaCod 2740

The complex is located close to the scenic Iskar gorge, 30m away from the Iskar river shore. The complex has a hotel, restaurant, lounge club, swimming pool, water slides, fountains, VIP pool, kid’s corner, and ethnographic exhibits. The hotel part of the complex has a modern fitness gym, Jacuzzi, steam bath, solarium and sauna.

Hotel Complex “Hushove”, VratsaCod 2739

Hotel complex “Hushove” is located at the entrance of Vratsa town, 3 km away from the center of the town, in a beautiful, scenic environment close to the Botev alley. It has a hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, barbeque, summer garden. It also has a conference hall for seminaries with 40 seats, fully equipped.

Amusement Park “Ledenika”, VratsaCod 2738

Amusement park “Ledenika” is located right next to the Ledenika cave. It has visitors center with expositions, 5-D cinema, rope garden, wall for climbing, amphy – theater and thematic fairy tale park. The visitor  center offers walks on eco-paths, sport games and competition games for all ages, artistic activities related with the “Vrachanski Balkan”, carnavals […]

Amusement Park “Prikazkata”, VratsaCod 2737

Amusement park “Prikazkata” has a variety of equipment which offers entertaining games and fun activities, but also serious sport challenges and adventures for kids and adults, which require power skills. The park is located in a beautiful nature zone near the exit of Vratsa. “Prikazkata” has café – garden and kid’s corner for the youngest, […]

“Hijata” in Vratsa, VratsaCod 2736

Hijata is a hut build in 1926 with the voluntary labor by the Vratsa’s tourists. It can be reached by car or by the 420 steps leading to the hut. The building has two floors, the upper floor is a bedroom with 33 places for sleep and the other floor is a restaurant with 126 […]