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The Kozlodui Pier, KozloduiCod 2728

From the Botev park alongside the marked route, you can reach the Kozlodui pier dating back to the time of the period of the state Asparouh and starting from the locality Kiler Bair, at west from the port. The pier was built at the end of the 7th century and it has 32 km length, the best conserved until today, having 2, 6 meters. It ends to the proximity of the village Hairedin.
The medieval fortification is situated at 7, 48 kilometers west in a right line from the center of the city Kozlodui. In the northern part each Danube draw well has an operable fortification connected with them. The fortification Hayredinskiya (Kozlodui) is built in the area. It has the shape of an irregular rectangular which measures 240/160 m and it has a surface of 58 acres. Besides these, there are the ruins of an Ancient citadel.

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