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“Traditional Means of Transportation” Exhibition, VratsaCod 2711

The Renaissance ethnographical complex, “Saint Sofronius Vratsa” covers a surface of 5, 5 acres, on which there are three Renaissance houses, with a typical architectural style for this region and two public buildings from the same period – the house of the family Hadzhitoshev and the house of Ivan Zambin by Grigor Naidenov, the Renaissance school building the “Ascension” and the “Holy Ascension”. All these have been declared historical and architectural monuments.
The construction of the complex is executed in stages. In the year 1976 it is opened to the visitors the museum – house “Dimitraki Hadzhitoshev”.
After finishing the construction and re-conditioning works, at the middle of the years ’80 there were prepared for the opening the exhibits from the Renaissance School the “Ascensions”, the house of Ivan Zambin by Grigor Naidenov, the “Holy Ascension of God” and the accommodation spaces especially built for exhibiting the traditional vehicles and the agricultural equipments. The official opening of the complex is made on the 25th of May 1986.
The exhibits EER “Saint Sofronius Vratsa”, show the most characteristics of the traditional popular culture of the population from Vratsa, the regional differences and the unity of the popular culture from all Bulgaria. Built on the historical sequence, the posting of the processes and of the ethnographical events, in a chronological order, cover the period from the middle of the XIXth century and the first decades of the XXth century. The exhbit is part of the ethnography museum and it is situated in its own building especially built for this purpose. The principal theme is modern for its period (the 19th century), transportations, but firstly is the exhibit of the ancient means of transportation, the cart pulled by the oxen, the cart pulled by the donkeys and the car with a steel ax. The genius Mito Orozov who is responsible for the great development of the modern transportation from Bulgaria, it was very close of making a deal with the producer of American cars, Henry Ford. But unfortunately, Orozov refused the business and died in a work accident, burning alive with his beloved vehicles.

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