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The “White Vultures” Stadium, PlevenCod 2291

On the 19th of August 1931 in Skobelev Park a dozen football activists formed the Sporting club the “White vultures”, which, in 1932, changed its name in the “Vultures”. Our club is developing quickly and in 1941 it obtains the financing of the local authority in order to become the first sport organization from the […]

The Pleven Stadium, PlevenCod 2290

The “Pleven” stadium (better known under his old name Alexiev Fame) is situated on the street “the Tsar Samuil” from Pleven. Built in the year 1952, is used for football also by the sporting club Spartak (Pleven). Its capacity is of 25.000 spectators (places) and over 10.000 standing places, but there are only licensed 3040 […]

The “City” Stadium, Cherven BryagCod 2289

The football team plays the games at the “City” stadium in the city Cherven Bryag. The stadium has a capacity of 1500 spectators and fulfills the requests of BFU of developing the football games from the championships from the football group “B”. The facility has a good infrastructure and opportunities for live broadcasting of the […]

The Sport Hall “Galabin Boevski”, KnezhaCod 2288

In the municipality Republica the sporting traditions have deep roots. With their accomplishments, the local sportsmen, the weigh lifters, consecrated the name of the country and of our city, as well as in Europe, as well as the world level. The priority sport for the region is the weight lifting. From here start their sporting […]

The “Balkanstroy” Hall, PlevenCod 2287

The “Balkanstroy” hall is situated in the city Pleven. It has benches and a better lighting platform, places for journalists. The capacity of the hall is of 1.000 places.

The Sport’s Complex “Spartacus”, PlevenCod 2286

The sports clubs develop their activity in the sport ground “Spartacus”. This is the place where trained the bronze medaled at volley from “Spartak – 96”, national champions at table tennis and our boxers at the national championship “Spartacus”. It is, also, one of the karate clubs from the country with numerous titles and national […]

“Saint Trinity” Church, PlevenCod 2285

In 1870 the inhabitants from the superior Pleven take into consideration the building of a new temple. Initially they built the church class which serves for almost 40 years of religious activity, for the school children from the area. The fund raising for the temple started in 1873, but because of political and financial reasons, […]

Church “Virgin Mary” (1885), Cherven BryagCod 2284

It was built in 1885. It was declared a cultural monument. It is believed that the festival “Assumption of the Blessed Virgin” was established by the apostles. The stories of miraculous ascension in the flesh of the Mother of God in the Heavens belong to the IV century; for him mention Blaj. Augustine and Jerome […]

Church “St. Sophronius of Vratsa”, Cherven BryagCod 2283

The temple was built in 1983. Located in the central part of Cherven Bryag. The iconostasis of the church “St. Sophronius of Vratsa” is the work of masters from Debar kind Filipovi. After the formation of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia in 1878, Filipovtsi often are called upon in these two free Bulgarian […]

The Catholic Church from Malchika, MalchikaCod 2282

The church from the village Malchika is the oldest Catholic Church from Bulgaria. In this year, the church goers celebrated 150 years since its construction. The architects from Hungary, started the construction in 1851 and finalized it in only four summers – in the year 1855. The church is unique, with its exterior stone façade, […]