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Ruchene Canyon, ReseletsCod 2261

Ruchene Canyon is located northwest of the Republic, between the villages Kameno pole and Reslets. River manual, which it formed passes through the village of Downtown. On his way the river has carved many landmarks, rock formations and gorges.

Reseleshki Dolls, ReseletsCod 2260

Natural landmark Reseleshki dolls is a unique and impressive rock formations – bought, dolls, obelisks. Can be distinguished gate, leaning on three pillars, an old man, wearing trousers, elephant and other interesting shapes. Nearby is another landmark – Fort. Nearby is the Barrage pond formed by obstruction of the river, which is suitable for fishing […]

The “Gergana” Zoo, KnejaCod 2259

The “Gergana” zoo, attracts more visitors with its well kept lawns, a variety of exotic animals, recreations and a playground. It is situated at 6 kilometers from the center of the village Gostilea, in the direction of Pleven. The area, occupies approximately 5 – 5, 6 hectares and the caring of the animals started in […]

Telish Dam, Dolni DubnikCod 2258

Telish Dam is located along the road to Pleven before Dolni Dubnik. Rich is bleak, carp and grass carp. Its approximate altitude is 190 m. Fishing and bathing are prohibited – there are armed guards.

Gorni Dubnik Dam, Gorni DubnikCod 2257

Dam Gorni Dubnik is located near Pleven. It is one of the largest dams in northern Bulgaria. The total flooded area is 11 800 hectares. There are good conditions for fishing. You can catch haddock, bream, crucian carp, perch, rudd and bleak. There are conditions for practicing water sports.

Totleben Dam, TotlebenCod 2256

Totleben dam is located next to the village of Totleben and near the town of Pleven. Its altitude is about 90 meters. Dam fished mainly bream and perch. As a location to which to navigate, we chose the location in the southeastern part of the lake, which is easily accessible and offers views of the […]

The Eco-Path “Chernelka”, GortalovoCod 2255

A unique combination of nature, archeology and originality. The Natural Reservation from “Chernelka” is one of the favorite places for visiting by the nature lovers. The natural landmark “Chernelka” is a karstic picturesque canyon, in the central part of the valley of the Danube between the villages Gortalovo and Kartozhabene, at approximately 12 km from […]

The Equitation Centre from the Village Riben, RibenCod 2254

The name of the village comes from a former Roman establishment and the causeway station Ad Reclamatia. Situated on the territory of today’s fields of the village, it was named a fish village, because of the fish in large quantities from the river. The area of the lake, which today is a area of catching […]

Zoo “Kaylaka”, KaylakaCod 2253

Zoo “Kaylaka” is unique for Bulgaria not only because it is located in the protected area, but also because the dwellings of its inhabitants are natural caves. It is not very rich in species – 140 animals of 28 species. Here animals are bred necessarily couples have names. Bear says Dida and her bear – […]

Pleven Central Square, PlevenCod 2252

The Square is the central square of the town of Pleven. Built during 1976-1977g designed by Eng. Vasil Mutafchiev in honor of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Pleven. The unique water cascade, which boasts Pleven is also built on his project and was put into operation five years later, in 1982. Renaissance Square […]