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Pleven Fountains, PlevenCod 2251

A great bulk of fountains and water cascades were constructed on Vazrazhdane central square in Pleven while reconstructing the pedestrian centre on the occasion of the 100-th anniversary of the Russo-Turkish War and the Liberation of Bulgaria 1877-1878.

The Wine Museum, PlevenCod 2250

The only wine museum in the Balkan Peninsula is situated in the city Pleven. It is situated in the beautiful park “Kaylaka” in front of the barrage “Totlebenov”. The Wine Museum has been founded in the year 2008 and it is sheltered in one of the caves from the park “Kaylaka”. Without being surprising, the […]

The Waterfall Reseleshki “Săritura”, ReseletsCod 2249

The waterfall Reseleshki “Săritura” is situated at approximately 1, 2 kilometers north – west from the center Reselets towards the village Breste, the district Pleven. The waterfall is situated at approximately 200 meters under the valley of the river Belikata. From the top of the waterfall there descends an asphalted road alongside the foot path […]

Rock Formation Kamarata, BresteCod 2248

Rock formation Kamarata is located next to the village of Breste, southwest of the town of Cherven Bryag. It is a hill broken into pieces as a result of tectonic processes. Some of them have collapsed. In essence it is a block-erosion morphological form.

The Barrage “Ruptsi”, RuptsiCod 2247

The barrage Ruptsi is situated in the proximity of the village Ruptsi, the municipality Cherven Bryag. The approximate altitude is of 160 m. The nature is very calming and relaxing, making it a good place for tourism.

The Fountain “Elia” (Syutliyka), NicopolCod 2246

Elia is the name of the fountain from the city Nicopol, registered as monument of culture. The ancient name of the fountain is Syutliyka. It is situated in the southern part of the city, at 1 km from the Danube. It represents an ancient Roman sarcophagus with a Latin inscription – the epitaph Elia, the […]

The Cabin “Reselets”, ResseletsCod 2245

The cabin can be reached by car, because of the fact that there exists an asphalted road. The region offers interesting mountain paths in the canyons of the spectacular rivers. The cabin disposes of 70 places to sleep.

The Natural Phenomenon “Propadaloto”, ResseletsCod 2244

Situated at 1 km from the village Reselets, the natural phenomenon represents an area with a length of 250 meters and a width of 30 – 40 meters, and a depth of 30 meters. The entire area is surrounded by rocks and in order to arrive at Propadaloto is quite difficult.

The Karstic Canyon “Chernelka”, GortalovoCod 2243

The Karstic Canyon Chernelka is situated in the municipality Pleven. It is included on the list of the protected areas in 1969, and it is the departure point for the eco-path for the tourists. Gortalovo, which is situated at 16 kilometers south from the city Plevna and its final point is Kortazhabene, which is at […]

Eco-Trail Reselets, ResseletsCod 2242

From the parking lot of “flipping” immediately before the mill with fulling mill, eco-trail starts on the road, parallel to the riverbed manual. Its source lies at the foot of a large catchment dry array, but because of the limited water flow near the valley ecosystem is rich in biodiversity. To the left of the […]