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The Waterfall Reseleshki “Săritura”, ReseletsCod 2249

The waterfall Reseleshki “Săritura” is situated at approximately 1, 2 kilometers north – west from the center Reselets towards the village Breste, the district Pleven. The waterfall is situated at approximately 200 meters under the valley of the river Belikata. From the top of the waterfall there descends an asphalted road alongside the foot path long of approximately 100 m, and at its base there descends a foot path after the passing of the river. The height of the waterfall Săritura Reseleshki is of approximately 10 meters. Unique in connection with the waterfall is the fact that the rock from which fall the water formed a dried cave behind which there van be seen through the back of the river waterfall. In the place where the water falls there was formed a beautiful rock water, the chalkstone column with vegetation.
According to the geologist experts in the geological phenomenon of Bulgaria, the waterfall Reseleshki Săritura is formed in the chalkstones of Kalenskata. It is practically the section of the Kretacic superior from the area. The rocks are chalkstones with many barks and traces of gastropods, Bryozoa, brachiopods, crinoids, sea urchins and other organism which populate a part of the coast at a small depth from the sea, the Kretacic Inferior Gulf at approximately 85 million years ago.

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