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The “White Vultures” Stadium, PlevenCod 2291

On the 19th of August 1931 in Skobelev Park a dozen football activists formed the Sporting club the “White vultures”, which, in 1932, changed its name in the “Vultures”. Our club is developing quickly and in 1941 it obtains the financing of the local authority in order to become the first sport organization from the city, which has its own field and locker room. Later on, on this place there was built the stadium “Spartak”, which is now named the “White vultures”.
After 1944, the new government from Bulgaria started to intervene in the sporting life. In 1946, at the local party level it is decided to make the most developed stadium from Pleven, and the “White Vultures” to be renamed “Republican” and to be passed onto the auspices of the Ministry. This name isn’t liked by its founders and on the 28th of December of the year 1947 it is convened the general meeting at which the club was renamed “Spartacus”.
On the 20th of January 1991, it was founded the Association “the Sporting Club the White Vultures”, by Victor Haydudov (the son of the man who founded the legendary Club the White Vultures from 1929) and by another successor.

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