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Danube of Fire Festival TutrakanCod 2442

One of the biggest summer events on the Danube river happens in Tutrakan in late July in a completely renovated riverside park. “Danube on Fire” is the highlight of the week and is held annually on the river. During the festival a lot of cultural and sport events happen. On the last day takes place […]

Apricots’ Festival – TutrakanCod 2441

Dobrudja region, Silistra, especially Tutrakan, is famous for its delicious apricots. Fruit trees blossom and grow here earlier than in the neighbouring areas. The land is fertile and the climate is ideal. The apricot trees here especially have great opportunities for development. Therefore, Tutrakan is named the “Apricot Capital”. The area is full of apricot […]

July morning on the DanubeCod 2443

Since 2013, not only on the Black Sea coast, but also on the Danube was celebrated the day of July sun, which symbolizes a new beginning. The traditional feast for the north-eastern Bulgarian started near Varna in 1972 and in Tutrakan on the night of June 30 to July 1st, rock bands sing on the […]

LANDMARK OFF ROAD – Nova ChernaCod 2449

In June in Nova Cherna village since 2010 is held annually the OFF ROAD competition – Nova Cherna. The race is part of the off-road trophy state championship “Bulgarian Challenger Trophy”. Each year, the organizers select a new route in the area, to surprise the crews with new challenges. In 2015 attended more than 50 […]

Parallel Nova ChernaCod 2450

Right over the Nova Cherna market, between the two most important buildings – the Cultural Centre and the City Hall, 10 km from Tutrakan City (Turtucaia), passes the 44th northern parallel.  In Bulgaria this is very rare. One can jump from an altitude to another.

Zafirovo Village – History Museum, Glavinitsa CityCod 2451

Zafirovo Village – History Museum is the only one in Glavinitsa City. Built in 1987 on the community management initiative. It is a one-storey building in Roman style. The historical museum systematizes the information about the most important historical objects and events in the region. It is managed by Zafirovo. City Hall. In the first […]

National Festival of Masquerade Games of the Young People in Dobrudja, Varnentsi village, TutrakanCod 2452

The National Festival of Masquerade Games of the Young People in Dobrudja, Varnentsi village, Tutrakan is organised annually in March at the beginning of the Fasting period. It is organised by “Lumina-1904” Center of Local Community. It includes comedians mostly from the north – east of Bulgaria which present the traditional types of masquerades for […]

Ali Baba – Varnentsi villageCod 2453

The monastery was established in the eighteenth century and is one of the oldest religious centres, dedicated to serving the sun in law of Mohammed Prophet – Ali. There is a legend about the healing abilities of Ali Baba, who was able to heal the daughter of King Shishman. To express their gratitude, the king […]

Secular Oak trees of Chernogo village ChernogoCod 2454

Chernogor is a village from Ludogorie border area also called in Turkish Deliorman. The area was previously covered with dense forests of ancient oak trees. After 1947, in order to get new agricultural areas, forests have been cut gradually on the village’s land it was established the State factory for cattle “Yanko Zabunov” . Now […]

Air magicCod 2474

Air travel over the drive rivers near Silistra. Cessna planes and AH-2 are flying. Cessna is a single-engine four-seat aircraft which offers the best flight experience in terms of flight pleasure. During the flight a sense of freedom fills you and makes you feel the thrill of the flight. The plane will fly over the […]