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March on the water for Water Day on DanubeCod 2447

For the international day of Danube river – June 29th of each year a row boats march is organised each year including participants from the entire region. The route is agreed two weeks in advance and is in accordance with the level of the river and the prognosis of its fluctuation. It is adequate for […]

Radetzki Island close to Tutrakan (Turtucaia)Cod 2446

Radetski Island is located at the west of Tutrakan City (Turtucaia) and almost adjacent to the coast. During summer the water is low, the width of the channel between the island and the shore is reduced to a few meters. Beautiful sand beaches can be noticed. Despite its proximity to the city, Radetski island is […]

Wild DanubeCod 2445

A unique way to explore Danubius (old name of the Danube River), is strolling with a traditional raft. The rafts can be found in Tutrakan City (Turtucaia) between June 1st and September 30. The raft “Wild Danube” is built of rough logs, and in the past it had a shelter from natural materials, which served […]

Tutrakan Fish MarketCod 2444

For centuries the people of Tutrakan survived from two trades – fishing and boat building. In the 20th century there were over 1000 fishing boats in the harbour. Tutrakan is famous as the biggest fishing center on the Lower Danube and at the same time, is a major producer of river boats from central Europe […]

Tutrakan ( Turtucaia ) Danube ParkCod 2440

Danube Park in Tutrakan City is located right next to the Danube River, which in this section is up to 1 km wide. The park was completely renovated and covers an area of nearly 12 acres. There are several recreational areas, cultural and sport events, walks through history and games for children. Nearby is the […]

Antimovo village church, Tutrakan regionCod 2439

“Holly Ascension” church in Antimovo village was built in 1891 from donations and with the labour force of the Bulgarians migrants from Eastern Thrace. Antimovo village is named after the city of Kuzgun, Viskyoyska region, district Tutrakan. Before the Russo-Turkish war was inhabited mostly by Turks and Cherkesses. After Berlin Treaty, the Bulgarians from Thrace […]

Antimovo Dam, Tutrakan regionCod 2438

“Antimovo” Dam is located 10 kilometres east of Tutrakan (Turtucaia) and in the close vicinity of Antimovo Inn. It is the largest territory in the area. It is located near the Antimovo village, which, despite its superb location on a plateau above the lake, it has now less than 30 inhabitants. In the past the […]

” Antimovo Inn” / “Dalboka Inn”, Tutrakan regionCod 2437

In the middle of the XIX century was built Khan inn that served and accommodated transit passengers. The border between Dobrudja and Ludogorie, close to the main road Ruse – Silistra, was covered by dense forests where very aggressive gangs used to watch for the travellers. The travellers avoided to spend the night outside. It […]

The recreation area “Steel” near Tutrakan (Turtucaia)Cod 2436

The recreation area “Steel” was created in 1981 to celebrate 1300 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian state. Built over 2.5 meters high from pots capturing the water coming from the middle. Next to it there is a reproduction of the Bulgarian map and the year 1300 both drawn with bushes. The symbols are […]

“Boblata” protected area close to TutrakanCod 2435

“Boblata” is a protected area in accordance with the Birds Protected Directive (BG0000171 “Boblata”). The plateau is a unique silver linden forest, where dozens of rare species of plants and animals can be seen. Between the protected area and the main road Ruse – Silistra there is a small dam with the same name, where […]