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Antimovo Dam, Tutrakan regionCod 2438

“Antimovo” Dam is located 10 kilometres east of Tutrakan (Turtucaia) and in the close vicinity of Antimovo Inn. It is the largest territory in the area. It is located near the Antimovo village, which, despite its superb location on a plateau above the lake, it has now less than 30 inhabitants. In the past the village was named Kuzgun, Viskyoyska municipality, district Tutrakan. Before the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 the village was inhabited mostly by Turks and Cherkessians. After Berlin Treaty, the Bulgarians from Thrace near the Aegean Sea leave to the free Bulgarian territory. About 30 families of Kavakli and Enidzhiya, Lozengrad district, province Odrin, reached Kuzgun and began a new life. They built a school, created the Rural Fund, and in 1906 they renamed their village after Exarch Antim which was from Lozengrad.
Antimovo dam was built in 1980. In the past it was filled with water directly from the Danube, which determined its rich fauna of fish. It is great for fishing, but also for canoeing. It offers perfect conditions for rest and relaxation with its beautiful landscape.
The basin is owned by “Irrigation systems” – Rousse EAD Branch. Water has a surface area of 960 acres. Dam height is 32 m, length – 445 m.

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