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“Holy Trinity” ChurchCod 2424

“Holy Trinity” Church from Aydemir was built in 1833. The church is the oldest temple in Silistra and one of the first in all Dobruja after the Liberation. Its construction was carried out with the direct participation of Bulgarians in the village of Aydemir and Russian soldiers who fought in the Russo-Turkish war between 1828-1829, […]

Pokrov Mother of God Russian ChurchCod 2423

Each temple is named in the memory of an event in the life of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary or in the memory of the Apostles. Pokrov Mother of God was chosen as a name or in Russian “Presvetoy Pokrov Mother of God”. The Russian church, as it is known, is located in the former village […]

Kamentsi Monastery “God’s Resurrection”Cod 2422

Kamentsi Monastery “God’s Resurrection” is about 40 km away from Silistra. The place where the monastery is located, has always been considered sacred, but it is not clear how it was destroyed during the Ottoman rule. Currently it is a monastery of nuns. During the Ottoman domination in the same place there was a big […]

The Monastery “Pokrov„ AydemirCod 2421

Pokrov Monastery from Aydemir is a nun’s monastery close to Aydemir village km away from Silistra city The monastery can be found going left from the main road Ruse-Silistra. Built in 1996, the church walls are painted in October 2001 by four students. The Iconostasis include both – the traditional Christian saints and portraits of […]

Malak Preslavets Swamp – Malak PreslavetsCod 2420

Malak Preslavets swamp was declared a protected area and is located 4 kilometres north of the village of Malak Preslavets, near the Danube River. It is about 30 km away from the natural reservation “Srebarna” and serves as a source of food for herons, glossy ibis, spoonbills, cormorants and other birds that nest in the […]

Dobruja house with ethnographic exhibition – Garvan – GarvanCod 2419

Dobruja house in Garvan village offers traditional architecture, a preserved mill and an ethnographic exhibition of households. The house is located in the center of the village, it has a large yard with flower beds, suitable for play and relaxation. The ground floor is a tavern typical for Bulgarian Renaissance and on the first floor […]

Museum of Communism – GarvanCod 2418

Museum of Communism in village of Garvan was officially inaugurated on May 2nd, 2009. The exhibits were donated by the local people and consist in objects used during the totalitarianism period – from 1944 until 1989. Gramophone with musical plates, radio, magneto-phone, Rabotnichesko Delo newspaper, busts of Lenin and Georgi Dimitrov, books of Todor Zhivkov […]

„Nigrinianis – Candidiana“Archaeological parkCod 2417

“Nigrinianis-Candidiana “is an archaeological park which includes several landmarks. The oldest is a prehistoric and Thracian village, where a unique discovery was made – a grave with a skeleton in Hocker, dated 6th century BC. Also Roman, ancient Roman, Byzantine and Early Medieval fortresses of Bulgarian origin have been found. The fort is located at […]

Syana Monastery “St. Marina”Cod 2416

Syana Monastery “St. Marina” is situated next to Syanovo village, 22 km away from Tutrakan and 53 km east of Ruse. According to the legend there were three monasteries in Syanovo region one of them being Syana Monastery “St. Marina” . The fate of the monasteries is unclear, but is believed to have been burned […]

Kalimok – Brashlen (Protected area)Cod 2415

The protected area “Kalimok – Brashlen” extends in the Tutrakan valley and includes all the islands in Bulgaria, which are located in this part of the river Danube: Mishka, Malak Brashlen, Golyam Brashlen, Pyasachnik, Bezimenen, Kalimok and Radetzky. In the recent past, Brashlen and Tutrakan swamps were located in Tutrakan floodplain. These were the largest […]