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Tekke in TutrakanCod 2414

Sabri Hussein’s Türbe, also called Soft Baba Tekke, is a Muslim religious building in the Tutrakan city on top of which is revealed a magnificent view of the Danube river.
Sabri Hussein, Sheikh nakshbend lived from the late eighteenth century to the mid nineteenth century. The Turbe was built around the middle of the nineteenth century, on a terraced field, and is an octagonal space with a hemispherical dome. The eight corners of the space continue in a dome, ending with an opening at the top. The building walls are solid, built with stones and windows – with iron bars.
Soft Baba was born in Bukhara. He went to study in Istanbul. He was a dervish. They sent him as a spiritual teacher in the realm of Tutrakan.
He was buried in his yard Softa baba tekke. Later, it builds your self Tekke. From Soft Baba tekke remained and were held for a long time a lot of different things – costumes, horse gears, an axe, an armour, a helmet and other metals, but in recent years, they were stolen by treasure hunters. Because of the landslides Tekke needs to be reinforced with stones constantly. Often the stones are found scattered by the treasure hunters, looking for gold under them.
At this point Alevi representatives come from the surrounding towns and villages to pay homage – Bisertsi, Mudrevo, Sevar, Preslavtsi, Dulovo and Tutrakan City and even from abroad – Italy and Japan. They come to light candles and pray. They come because of the power of Softa Baba, who was elected the first leader of Aleve.
Some locals believe that Soft Baba is in their homes. Medine Ayazar Ali says that he lives in their basement and likes to be clean. So the family cleans everywhere and even when they do laundry they do not throw dirty water everywhere, but only in a pit. Medine believes Soft Baba is around because he hears the windows or the doors clashing. He often dreamed of Soft Baba as an old man or a young bride.
There are many Bulgarians who know about Alevis – a closed religious community, whose ancestors were scattered centuries ago, in the lands of today Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Middle East. In our country there are at least for 500 years. Today in Bulgaria there are about 50,000 people who identify themselves as Alevi – basically in the Eastern Rhodopes and Ludogorie. The official recognition of their religion is the main reason for their reluctance – and really sets them apart.
Today, türbe continues to be visited not only by tourists but also by Muslims and Christians worshipers looking for a cure.

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