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Kurshumlu Mosque– SilistraCod 2401

Kurshumlu Mosque from Silistra City is a cultural monument of local importance. The mosque was built in the first decades of the 17th century and is in the so-called “sultan type” style. The praying room is covered by a massive stone dome built over a rectangular
Shaped base. The materials used for its building are square limestone bricks and a cement made of crushed stones. The dome is made of a double layer of stone and bricks. The mural decorations date back from 1730-1800 and is executed in a very professional manner.
It is believed the building was raised in the 17th century by the masters from Arbanasi (Albanians) but during the repair works were uncovered foundations dating at least 100 years before. Some researchers associate the architecture of Kurshumlu Mosque with the school of the great ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. Information about the Mosque are offered by the traveller-writer Evliya Chelebi, during his tour in this part of the Otoman Empire. The Kurshumlu Mosque was the second most important mosque of Silistra after Bayraktar. This was built in the 18th century and was one of the biggest mosques on the Bulgarian territory but was demolished in 1940 after a strong earthquake.
In 2004 a rehabilitation programme for Kurshumlu Mosque was started with funds of 102.000 USD. A third of the funds were provided by the Embassy of the United States. The facades, the plaster, the mural paintings and the front door were restored. The Mosque was opened in 2006 but shortly after a new Mosque was built in the city the temple was again forgotten.

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