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Urban Villa and Bishops’ Palace in DurostorumCod 2460

Not far from the center (on the forum) of the ancient city Derostorum, in the 2nd century was built a large villa – The Urban Villa of a rich Romanian noble family. Between the 3rd and the 4th century it was extended and rebuilt. In the late Gothic invasion at the end of 3rd century or the middle of the 4th century, the villa as well as Durostorum were destroyed and burned. With the restoration of the city in the late fourth century, on its ruins was built a massive public building 17 x 20 m., with a formal room, completed with apse and side rooms. The design follows the architecture and the building of the urban residences of governors and bishops from the 4th to the 6th century. 70m west was studied a large Episcopal basilica from 4th -6th century. This was suggested to be the palace of the Dorostol Bishops. At the west of the residence was revealed a small private bathroom from the same period. The first Orthodox bishop of Durostorum – Silistra was Avksentiy – Merkuriyan. He leads Durostorum Cathedral in the year 383, after which he is heading to Medaolanum – Milan and becomes the bishop of the great Italian city, in the late fourth century. During the 5th-6th century his successors lived here – bishops Yacob, Monofilos, John and Dultsisimus.

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