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Tekke in TutrakanCod 2414

Sabri Hussein’s Türbe, also called Soft Baba Tekke, is a Muslim religious building in the Tutrakan city on top of which is revealed a magnificent view of the Danube river. Sabri Hussein, Sheikh nakshbend lived from the late eighteenth century to the mid nineteenth century. The Turbe was built around the middle of the nineteenth […]

Church “St. Nicola”Cod 2413

Church “St. Nicola” is located close to Fishermen`s village close to the Danube. It was built out of the donations of the patriotic citizens of Tutrakan and was initially inaugurated on July 14th, 1865. The first commemorative ceremony for those who died during the fights took place here in 1916, and the first public pray […]

Memorial complex “Military Cemetery – 1916”Cod 2412

Memorial complex “Military Cemetery – 1916” is the biggest cemetery from the Unification War of the country and a monument of national importance. It is located 10 km away from Tutrakan City (Turtucaia) towards Shumentsi village and Isperih city. After what was called the Interallied war South Dobruja is included in the Romanian kingdom. For […]

Archaeological Reservation – “Antique castle Transmariska” – TutrakanCod 2411

The Roman settlement Transmariska is established in 40-50 AC. It is a permanent military station in Danube region till the end of the 3rd century. In connection to the great construction activities and military reorganization of the Danube district, Transmariska is visited by Emperor Deokletian in 294. He ordered the building of the castle. The […]

History Museum – Tutrakan (Turtucaia)Cod 2410

History museum – Tutrakan was opened in 1993, in “Teodor’s House”. The exhibition of the History Museum – Tutrakan reveals the glorious history of almost 20 centuries. The three floors cover the development of Tutrakan and the surrounding areas starting with Antiquity and continuing until the Liberation from Romanian occupation in 1940. The archeologic displays […]

Tutrakan (Turtucaia) – Art GalleryCod 2409

Ritual House – Tutrakan is a monument dating from 1897. This is actually the old secondary school of Tutrakan, built by qualified masters, which was adapted today for the ritual house with frescoes and stained glass, mirrors and elegant furniture, skilfully combining tradition and modernism. On May 29th, 2014, in the building of the ritual […]

Ethnographic museum – Danube Fishing and Boat ConstructionCod 2408

During its millennium existence Tutrakan is connected to the fishing craft, fishing nets knitting and boat workshops. Many families used to make their living by this ancient craft. Survived through the years, we find Tutrakan in the 19th c. with an exclusive, original and unique for Bulgaria appearance. The city is an established center of […]

Architectural reservation “Fishing village” – Tutrakan (Turtucaia)Cod 2407

The architectural reservation “Fishing village” – Tutrakan (Turtucaia) This is the only naturally fishing village of its kind in Bulgaria. The architectural reservation is built on the seaside part of the city. Except the fact that you can see different tools, methods and articles that were used for the two main activities in the city […]

Dobruja style house with an ethnographic exhibition AlfatarCod 2406

The Dobruja style house with year ethnographic exhibition Alfatar was built in 1983 and in 1984 it became a touristic landmark. The ethnographic exhibition presents the traditional house in Dobruja between the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. They can be seen also in Dobruja authentic folklore and customs. The house is a single […]

“Holy Trinity” Orthodox Church – AlfatarCod 2405

“Holy Trinity” Orthodox Church is a cultural monument. The building of the church started in 1846 and it is a stone building with three naves and apses on the east wall. On the west entrance it was built a small shelter – box, storage temple icon. Such architectural additions to the façade are not common […]