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Memorial complex “Military Cemetery – 1916”Cod 2412

Memorial complex “Military Cemetery – 1916” is the biggest cemetery from the Unification War of the country and a monument of national importance. It is located 10 km away from Tutrakan City (Turtucaia) towards Shumentsi village and Isperih city.
After what was called the Interallied war South Dobruja is included in the Romanian kingdom. For two years French and Belgian engineers build Tutrakan Fortress having 15 forts, two defensive lines, fortifications, traps and is defended by a garrison of 39000 soldiers with 150 field guns and scores of machine-guns.
During the first World War Bulgaria takes all the efforts to regain South Dobruja. 55.000 Bulgarian troops attack Tutrakan Fortress with 132 pistols and 53 machine-guns. Considering the strategic importance of Tutrakan city, Bulgarian general Toshev decided to hit the castle that hosted 25 Romanian regiments, 20 batteries and 6 squadrons. He wants to fight them with 33 Bulgarian regiments and 44 artillery batteries. On September 1st 1916 two neighbour nations – Bulgaria and Romania fight on both sides of the barricade each for their country, for Dobruja. Turtucaia fights from September 5th and 6th 1916 are one of the most significant victories of the Bulgarian troops. After a 33 hours of artillery attack of the fourth Preslav Infantery Division Varna and the infantry division of Sofia and Tărnovo, the castle is conquered after one of the most glorious battles of the Bulgarian army. Over 8000 soldiers including 1764 Bulgarians rest in peace in Tutrakan. The building of the Memorial complex started immediately after the battle at the initiative of the ” Tutrakan Charity Committee”. In 1922 is built a monument that lasts today also with an engraving in Bulgarian, German, Romanian and Turkish saying “Honour and glory for those who know how to die heroic for their country”.
After the liberation of South Dobruja in 1940, every year in the first Sunday of September is commemorated the memory of the soldiers that perished in this epic fight during complex commemorative rituals.
A wall of glory with all the names of the soldiers that died in the battle, a park and a scene for the festivities were built here. St George Church was built afterwards.
The historical research did not finish the analysis of this important event in the Bulgarian History. Bulgarian military command art applied then and the actions of General Stefan Toshev and general Panteley Kiselov, will attract professionals in this field for many years from now on.
An integrant part of Tutrakan city epic integrated presentation is a newly opened exhibition at the Museum of History – Tutrakan. It is presented in detail this part of the town’s history, which is associated with the struggle for liberation of Dobruja, through photos, layouts light, objects and weapons.

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