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“Holy Trinity” ChurchCod 2424

“Holy Trinity” Church from Aydemir was built in 1833. The church is the oldest temple in Silistra and one of the first in all Dobruja after the Liberation. Its construction was carried out with the direct participation of Bulgarians in the village of Aydemir and Russian soldiers who fought in the Russo-Turkish war between 1828-1829, which ended with the signing of the Adrianople Peace Treaty. The temple is built of sticks weaved together with a plaster made of mud. Solemnly consecrated by Bishop Gregory on June 11th, 1834, the day they celebrated the feast of the Holy Trinity – Pentecost.
The furniture is the work of Russian soldiers who provided some of the icons. The two chandeliers made of Russian weapons barrels’ date also from that time. The horugvi (religious flags) having the inscription “Kazan 1829”, the cross two meters behind the throne of the altar painted on canvas and silk are also original. Here are kept old icons and books sent by the spiritual canters from Russia and other neighbouring Christian countries. Apart from Russian icons which were received as a gift, there are also icons with iconostasis, which are the work of iconographer Tryavna Tsan Dossevi son of Teodosi Koyuv, who at that time lived and painted Dobruja with his sons Tsan, Angel and Vitan.
The first priest who served here is Todor Popa. He was born in Aydemir village. The church had a room for the school. Here in 1857 Ilia Blaskov worked here, the son of the Renaissance great teacher and writer Rashko Blaskov.

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