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Kamentsi Monastery “God’s Resurrection”Cod 2422

Kamentsi Monastery “God’s Resurrection” is about 40 km away from Silistra. The place where the monastery is located, has always been considered sacred, but it is not clear how it was destroyed during the Ottoman rule. Currently it is a monastery of nuns.
During the Ottoman domination in the same place there was a big monastery which was destroyed and burned. The current monastery was built around 1906, near the already established church, which can be seen today. The church impresses with its size and the well-kept frescoes and icons. Half a century ago there were celebrated here up to 15 weddings a week and in its yard is buried its first priest – Father Tryphon.
Kamentsi Monastery Village is situated in a picturesque area where the air and water are considered to have healing properties.

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