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Nova Cherna Polenta FestivalCod 2448

Every year on the first Sunday of October in Nova Cherna village, Tutrakan region is held the Polenta Festival. The main organizer is the local community center “Vasil Yordanov -1942”.
Polenta also known traditionally as kachamak, cooked especially in Romania, is a dish of cornmeal, but was kept as a tradition in many Bulgarian villages in Dobrudja, because the inhabitants lived in the past in Romania. In accordance with the Treaty of Craiova in 1940, when Romania gives back southern Dobrudja to Bulgaria, there has been a population exchange. Thus the traditions and customs of the Romanians and Bulgarians mixed together. Nova Cherna village was created by the settlers in the village of Cherna, which today is in the Tulcea region in Romania.

During the festival, the polenta is cooked directly at the market by the Romanian master in a pot with a special recipe from 1750. The receipt is passed from generation to generation: corn flour boiled with milk, then make balls, place cheese inside the balls and bake on the grill. Culinary masters compete and try different receipts to fin d the most delicious food made of corn flower. There is also a competition for the best authentic clothes and Romanian and Bulgarian folklore is singing and danced on the scene. This Romanian-Bulgarian festival keeps the villages Nova Cherna and Cherna as well as the nearby city Kirnoch, and the traditions are preserved and strengthened.

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