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Tutrakan – Malak Preslavets Walking RouteCod 2432

The walking route starts from St. Nicholas church which is located at the beginning of the architectural reservation “The fishing neighbourhood” from Tutrakan (Turtucaia). From Tutrakan the route turns east along the black and stone paths, following the old Roman road between the city on the Danube “Transmariska” (Tutrakan) and Durostorum (Silistra). Wonderful views over the Danube and the large and small islands Kosuy Malak and Golyam Kosuy are uncovered. The route passes by the villages Dunavets and Pozharevo. For the most part, it is flat and suitable for people with physical training. It is recommended to use either a guide or a map of the route because the trail was not marked yet.
Along the road one can admire historical landmarks such as “The Fishing Neighbourhood” from Tutrakan (Turtucaia) the statues of Tanyo and Hitov, the old Roman road, stone fountains in Dunavets village, traditional Dobruja homes and touristic landmarks such as Pozharevo swamp, protected area “Pozharevo Islands,” which are part of Malak and Golyam Kosuy islands, Preslavets Malak swamp and many other rare and endangered animal and plant species.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
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