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The monument of Panayot Hitov detachment – close to Dunavets, Tutrakan RegionCod 2431

Panayot Hitov is a revolutionary leader and the commander of a detachment. Born in 1830 in Sliven, in 1858 he starts on the footsteps of the rebels. Just two years later he became the commander of a detachment, which includes a national liberation movement. In 1864 Hitov gathers a battalion amongst the Bulgarians in Kragujevac, where there were many important Bulgarian revolutionists.
On April 28, 1867 Hitov passes the Danube with a detachment of about 30 people, near the Dunavets village. Flag bearer was Vasil Levski. At the Danube crossing guns are supplied by the old patriot respected both by Bulgarians and Turks Santa Grandpa Nikola, then they headed to the Balkan Mountains. The detachment’s purpose was to prospect and to prepare the Bulgarian people for the fight for liberation.
Years ago, celebrations were organized around the monument but after some changes the celebrations stopped because of the lack of money.
For several years, the monument and the entire landmark around it are preserved by the local association for tourism development.

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