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The monument of Tanyo leader – near Pozharevo municipality, Tutrakan regionCod 2429

Tanyo Stoyanov Kourtev also called Domuschiev, Uygunsuza and Diyarbakır was born on April 5th, 1846 in Sliven. He grew up in a wealthy and numerous family. As a young man he joined the cause of Vasil Levski in 1871, a revolutionary committee in his hometown. Levski even called him the Apostle of Targovishte, Omurtag, Kotel and Dobrich. Soon, however, Tanyo was arrested and taken to Constantinople, then exiled in Diyarbakir. Taking advantage of the fact that he was a kalebent and could move freely in the city, he escaped on February 14, 1875 on his way to Istanbul and from there he went by ship to Braila and Sulina. In August 1875 he was called to Bucharest and called an apostle in Sliven. He arrived in Varna, where he received instructions from Ivanitsa Danchev, who came from Constantinople. Then he went to Dulovo, where Priest Hariton and leader Stoil were waiting for him. By Tutrakan Oltenita transfer and meets P. Hitov. At the suggestion of N. Obretenov and Botev, Tanyo takes the young men from Turnu Magurele in Oltenita and he becomes the leader of the Second Bulgarian Detachment of Emigrants having as flag holder Veljko Datchev Tishev, the writer Peter Stefan Ivanov Ruskov and the leaders Stefan Zaraliyata and Yovcho Keyapenchev . They go to Bulgaria simultaneously with Botev’s detachment on 17 May 1876. Six hours before arriving in Kozloduy a kayak of 28 people arrived in Pozharevo – Tutrakan region.
For a long period of time the story of those patriots remained unknown. It was not until 1996 when the historical researcher Boris Iliev was able to determine the numerical composition of the detachment and to compile a bibliography for 23 of them. He also determined the exact way they took crossing 30 places in Ludogorie and Polomieto. The battle of the detachment lasted 11 days and they had three fights and 9 victims. That is why every year from May 30 to June 2nd for the last 30 years a commemorative tour is organised called “Following the footsteps of Tanyo leader “

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