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Dobruja style house with an ethnographic exhibition AlfatarCod 2406

The Dobruja style house with year ethnographic exhibition Alfatar was built in 1983 and in 1984 it became a touristic landmark. The ethnographic exhibition presents the traditional house in Dobruja between the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. They can be seen also in Dobruja authentic folklore and customs.
The house is a single storey building with ground floor and lower floor, a space covered over the front vestibule and a kiosk with a spout. There are four rooms: one with a Sosk fireplace, stove – a room for receiving guests and sleeping, odaya and gornyak. Behind this room, with entrance from the courtyard, there are the spaces for animals. Attached to there is the pishnik (outdoor oven) – summer kitchen.
The rooms are traditionally decorated with specific fabrics, wool carpets, towels and pillows authentically embroidered.
It the fireplace room there is the appropriate furniture for a housewife of that time: bowls, sahani, pots, basins, gutter, Pakod bread, pots, pans, money for water.
On the “gornyak” along the walls on the floor are lined up jars, vinegar bottles, grease and jam pots, cheese pots. On the walls are arranged wood hooks, hanging clothing for men and women, bags, wires. Family live moved to the pishnik during summer days. Here they baked the bread. The bread prepared feeds the family.
The odaya displays the inside from 1930-1940. This is a time when the urban decor enters the rural houses with beds and tables with processed pieces, cabinets, gramophones, dressings with nice mirrors, armchairs for rest, small but refined ornaments, fabrics and original knits.
The house exhibits all the typical instruments and tools for a vineyard – harvesting and storage containers for grapes and wine.

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