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Important areas for birds “The Wall” close to TutrakanCod 2434

“The wall” is not a natural conservation area in accordance with Bulgarian law but was evaluated by the international conservation association BirdLife International as an important place for birds conservation. The area represents 6% of the total Bulgarian territories for birds conservation. “The Wall” is a major touristic attraction for the nature lovers. It holds […]

Pelikovo fountain, Dunavets, Tutrakan regionCod 2433

Pelikovo fountain is situated on the main road that crosses through the village. It was built of local stone by Abazi Turks before 1856, when the Muslim population escaped from the village and was abandoned. Just 30 years later, ten Bulgarian families from Olteniţa returned to liberated Bulgaria and settled here. Fountain is also called […]

Tutrakan – Malak Preslavets Walking RouteCod 2432

The walking route starts from St. Nicholas church which is located at the beginning of the architectural reservation “The fishing neighbourhood” from Tutrakan (Turtucaia). From Tutrakan the route turns east along the black and stone paths, following the old Roman road between the city on the Danube “Transmariska” (Tutrakan) and Durostorum (Silistra). Wonderful views over […]

The monument of Panayot Hitov detachment – close to Dunavets, Tutrakan RegionCod 2431

Panayot Hitov is a revolutionary leader and the commander of a detachment. Born in 1830 in Sliven, in 1858 he starts on the footsteps of the rebels. Just two years later he became the commander of a detachment, which includes a national liberation movement. In 1864 Hitov gathers a battalion amongst the Bulgarians in Kragujevac, […]

Protected area Pozharevo Islands – close to Pozharevo, Tutrakan regionCod 2430

Protected area Pozharevo Islands is located between the Danube’s river shores between km 424 and 423, north of the village of Pozharevo and covered by woodlands. The main habitat on the island is a typical riverine forest of willow Salix spp. and White Poplar Populus alba with rich undergrowth. Every year the Danube floods the […]

The monument of Tanyo leader – near Pozharevo municipality, Tutrakan regionCod 2429

Tanyo Stoyanov Kourtev also called Domuschiev, Uygunsuza and Diyarbakır was born on April 5th, 1846 in Sliven. He grew up in a wealthy and numerous family. As a young man he joined the cause of Vasil Levski in 1871, a revolutionary committee in his hometown. Levski even called him the Apostle of Targovishte, Omurtag, Kotel […]

Srebarna Nature ReserveCod 2428

“Srebarna” Nature Reserve 18 km west of Silistra and 2 km south of the Danube. It comprises Lake Srebarna and its surroundings. The lake’s depth varies from 1 to 3 m and its area is 2-2.5 sq.m. During the warm season sometimes it turns into a swamp. The lake is closely connected to Danube river. […]

Menhir – Golesh VillageCod 2427

The menhir near the Golesh village is known as the Written Rock or Yazal Tash. It is a white limestone rock of about 1 m.  It is flattened on one side and has a niche on top. Its edge was most probably broken. Menhirs are considered places of worship and ritual sacrifices. The name comes […]

“Malak Kanagiol” Protected AreaCod 2426

Protected area “Malak Kanagiol” is a dry valley of a canyon located in the central plateau of Dobruja, in the municipalities of Silistra and Alfatar Kaynardzha. The valley is relatively straight, but Kutlovitsa village forms numerous curves. In many places in the dry valley there are separated low cliffs and rocks, which in the south […]

Ancient Thracian and Roman sanctuary – BadzhaliyataCod 2425

The ancient Thracian and Roman sanctuary – Badzhaliyata is located along Taban river in Dobruja, in the forest steppe near Strelkovo Village, Silistra region. Badzhaliyata is a cave sanctuary dedicated to Zalmoxis – mythic king, priest and God of the Thracian tribe – the Gets. The Sanctuary dates back in the 6th century BC and […]