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“Setea” Park HillCod 2404

The hill is located near Dulovo city at only one km north at the beginning of the dry valley in “Setea” Park.  A small memorial sculpture of Georgi Radulov is placed at the entrance. The hill and its surrounding areas were inhabited since the antiquity, continuing with the middle east and the ottoman period. To […]

Danube Park – SilistraCod 2403

The Danube Park is the first public garden and park on the Danube in Bulgaria. The park was created 100-150 years ago and it was first mentioned in 1870 in the “Turkey” newspaper. The Park is the host for some unique species protected and marked with different signs so as to differ from other trees. […]

“Sava Dobroplodni” Drama Theatre – SilistraCod 2402

The beginnings of the theatrical history in Silistra dates from 1872 with the play “Mnogostradalna Genoveva”, the result of the creative work of the theatrical organisation in Silistra. The most memorable year for Silistra theatre is 1942 when it was declared a professional state theatre. In 2002 the sixth theatre hall is inaugurated and are […]

Kurshumlu Mosque– SilistraCod 2401

Kurshumlu Mosque from Silistra City is a cultural monument of local importance. The mosque was built in the first decades of the 17th century and is in the so-called “sultan type” style. The praying room is covered by a massive stone dome built over a rectangular Shaped base. The materials used for its building are […]

Durostorum Fortress – SilistraCod 2400

Fortress Drustar (Roman name Durostorum) is located between the city limits of Silistra city. In its beginning it probably occurred as a Thracian shelter which later was used by the Romans to build a large and strong fortress-city along the Danube. The town flourished in the first III-II centuries BC under name Durostorum until 238 […]

The Roman Tomb – SilistraCod 2399

The Roman Tomb of Silistra is one of the most well-known ancient monuments in Bulgaria. It dates back to the 4th century when the city was a Roman City called Durostorum. The stone tomb features a single burial chamber with east entrance measuring 3.30 by 2.60 by 2.30 metres. It is well-known for its rich […]

Century-old oak tree – SilistraCod 2398

The oak tree is the oldest tree in the oldest park in Bulgaria – The Danube Park in Silistra. The old oak as it is known to everyone was planted in 1910. It is believed that the park itself was founded in 1870 and in 1991 the park was declared a natural monument of natural […]

Silistra Ethnographic MuseumCod 2397

The Ethnographic museum in the town of Silistra was opened in 1967. It is housed in a building from the middle of 19th century – former edifice of the Turkish police. The exhibition of the Ethnography museum occupies an area of 300 sq.m. in 10 rooms. It includes artefacts featuring the lifestyle and the culture […]

Art gallery – SilistraCod 2396

Silistra Art gallery is located in the center of the city. It is housed in a beautiful building (former pedagogical school) which dates back to 1890 and is in “Late Secession” style. In the gallery are exhibited more than 1500 art works (paintings, prints, sculptures and other) of great Bulgarian artists as Vladimir Dimitrov, Dechko […]

Regional History Museum – SilistraCod 2395

Regional History Museum Silistra keeps Silistra’s history since antiquity until present. Here are kept unique monuments of the Medieval Roman and Bulgarian culture of both national and international importance. Here there is an archaeological and ethnographical exhibition. The museum was built between 1923-1924, as a branch of the Romanian National Bank in the city as […]