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Zalmoxis Secret ValleyCod 2463

More than 20 years before, in the dry valley of Taban river, the natural border between Alafatar and Kaynardzha of Silistra, was found a unique stone complex. This includes stone altars, altars, religious fields along 4 km along the ancient Taban river banks today Malak Kanagiol, near the villages Strelkovo, Vasil Levski, Pop Rusanovo and […]

The Southern Wall of Durostorum Fortress – Drustar – SilistraCod 2462

This is one of the most impressive military defence facilities from Bulgaria’s antiquity and Middle Ages. It is built by the Emperors Diocletian and Constantine the Great in the fourth century and restored under the Emperor Justinian the Great (527-565 years) as an unmatched fortification in late antiquity. This is a strong polygonal fortress, measuring […]

LANDMARK – Dustur Patriarchal BasilicaCod 2461

South of the northern wall of Durostorum Drustur is the place where in 352 Dorostol martyr – St. Emilian was burned and in the second half of the 9th century was established the remarkable temple. Perhaps this is the cathedral church of the first Drustur bishop after the baptism of Bishop Nikolay. It is assumed […]

Urban Villa and Bishops’ Palace in DurostorumCod 2460

Not far from the center (on the forum) of the ancient city Derostorum, in the 2nd century was built a large villa – The Urban Villa of a rich Romanian noble family. Between the 3rd and the 4th century it was extended and rebuilt. In the late Gothic invasion at the end of 3rd century […]

“Karakuz” State Hunting AreaCod 2459

The state hunting area “KARAKUZ” is located in the north-est of Bulgaria. On its territory it includes parts of the forests from the Danube’s flooded plain – the south of Dobrudja and the northern extensions of Ludogorea. The farm rented a hunting facility „The Snowdrop” from Karakuz area. hut „The Snowdrop” hunting hut is located […]

Memorial and religious complex of Eliezer Papo RabbiCod 2458

Dobrudja town hosts one of the largest and most venerated complexes of Hebrew rituals outside Israel – the tomb of Rabbi Eliezer Papo, also known under the name of Pele Yoats. For the religious Jews his grave is saint. Every year, thousands of believers gather here because they believe God hears their prayers. Before dying, […]

Combined touristic route for road trips, cycling and water trips Slivo pole – Tutrakan – GlavinitsaCod 2457

If you want to dive into the wonderful world of the Wild Danube, near Tutrakan you can discover the mysteries, the silence, scattered by the songs of the birds and the waves of the river, you can meet unique landscapes and species not only for Bulgaria but also for Europe, try traditional dishes of fish, […]

Protected area ” Eastern Sowbread – Brenitsa”, Brenitsa villageCod 2456

The protected area „Eastern Sowbread” – Brenitsa, Brenitsa village, Tutrakan city is the newest protected area in the region. It was declared protected area in 2015 in order to protect the natural habitat of Eastern Sowbread (Cyclamen Coum) the newest protected area in the region. It was declared protected in 2015 in order to protect […]

“Barca” Hotel and Fish RestaurantCod 2455

“Barca” hotel and restaurant is a small family hotel in the „” Fishermen neighbourhood” of Tutrakan, on the Danube shore. It has a garden and a porch discovering magnificent views of the river and of the Romanian territory across the river. Only 200 m away the fishermen arrive daily with freshly caught fish. The fish […]

Nova Cherna Polenta FestivalCod 2448

Every year on the first Sunday of October in Nova Cherna village, Tutrakan region is held the Polenta Festival. The main organizer is the local community center “Vasil Yordanov -1942”. Polenta also known traditionally as kachamak, cooked especially in Romania, is a dish of cornmeal, but was kept as a tradition in many Bulgarian villages […]