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Marble Columns with Arabic inscriptionCod 2473

The Marble column is located in the cemetery in the mosque courtyard. On it is written in Arabic an inscription from 1253, according to which the Sultan Mahmud II gave local Muslims an honorary letter during his trip in Odrin – Shumen – Silistra.

Old Houses from Varbino VillageCod 2472

The old houses are located in the central part of Varbino village, which has a population of less than 100 people. They were built in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. In Dobrudja the typical houses have balconies in the high masonry walls and trees for decoration. The village provides an ideal opportunity for […]

Medieval fortress close to OkorshCod 2471

The early medieval Bulgarian fortress near Skala village was located on the eastern terrace of the dry valley Kanagiol, Dristra in the past. The fortress guarded the ancient road that connected the ancient city Martsianapol with Durastorium and in the Middle Ages, during the First Bulgarian Kingdom Drustur linked the current city Silistra with the […]

Medieval fortress near Skala villageCod 2470

The Early Bulgarian medieval fortress near the village of Skala is situated on the eastern terrace of the dry valley Kanagiol (Dristra in the past). The fortress guarded the ancient road that connected the ancient city with Martsianapol Durastorium in the Middle Ages. During the First Bulgarian Kingdom, Drustur linked the current city Pliska and […]

Dulovo History MuseumCod 2469

Dulovo History Museum was established in 1998 and has four divisions: “Archeology”, “Ethnography”, “Modern and Contemporary History” and an Art Gallery. The exhibition of more than 3,000 artefacts reveals the past of the region for more than 5,000 years before Christ, from the Thracians, Antiquity, Middle Ages to the present. This variety is exactly what […]

The Armenian Apostolic Church “Surp Astvadzadzin”Cod 2468

The Armenian Apostolic Church “Surp Astvadzadzin” (in Bulgarian “Virgin Mary”) in town of Silistra is the oldest Armenian church in Bulgaria. Information about the building of the temple was found on the inscription over a stone which was dug into the earthen floor of the church. This stone is now exposed in one of the […]

Kartal Kale Medieval FortressCod 2467

Thracian and medieval fortress Kartal kale translated from Turkish as the “Eagle’s Fortress” is located 2.9 km southeast in a straight line from the center of the village Ruyno. The castle is located on one edge, rising above in the deep valley of the dry  Srebarnitsa river. The access to edge is possible only through […]

“Ayazmoto” Historical area close to Ruyno villageCod 2466

Ayazmoto Demir Baba Tekke from Ruyno village, Silistra, Dulovo region is unique as the center of 3 different religions from 3000 years ago. It is equally venerated by the Alevis, Sunnis and Christians. It is difficult to know to which God it prays the owner of a piece of fabric or paper with wishes written […]

Kaynardzha Historical fountainCod 2465

In this area, called the Historic Fountain, the grateful villagers of Kaynardzha built a well in 1892. The fountain was built on the site where according to the legend, was signed the peace treaty Kyuchuk-Kaynardzha after Russia’s victory over the Ottoman Empire in the war between the years 1768 – 1774, which put an end […]

Stone monasteries near DurostorumCod 2464

Southeast of Silistra City, in the main stream of Suha river, south of Golesht village, Silistra region, starts a colony of stone monasteries. The colony includes 7 monasteries Hitovo, Brestnitsa, Balik, Onagur with their numerous churches, crypts, cells, chapels located in the untouched nature which kept their original interior and exterior from late antiquity – […]