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Dulovo History MuseumCod 2469

Dulovo History Museum was established in 1998 and has four divisions: “Archeology”, “Ethnography”, “Modern and Contemporary History” and an Art Gallery. The exhibition of more than 3,000 artefacts reveals the past of the region for more than 5,000 years before Christ, from the Thracians, Antiquity, Middle Ages to the present. This variety is exactly what attracts visitors – mostly students and tourists. They are surprised by the fact that the region has a rich past.

In the “Archaeology” section the most interesting are the silver coins (tetradrachms) of Alexander Macedon, Scythian rings and jewellery from the 4th century BC, the artefacts (pottery, jewellery, coins, bone objects and iron tools) from 4 medieval castles in Dulovo area. Particularly interesting are the objects found in the two cities “Kartal Kale” – Fortress of Eagles and “Ayazmoto” near the village Ruyno. Both forts were explored by the archaeologists students from Moldova University Taraclia. There in the nature are discovered stones from the city wall with old graffiti signs of the Bulgarian clan Dulo, Byzantine “Fure” gold coins, bone tools, and many others. From the same area is also the lead amulet against from the 10th century against the thunders. In Ruyno it was discovered an ancient Bulgarian sword which is exposed today in the Exhibition of the National History Museum in Sofia.
The museum has a permanent fund of the Art Gallery of pictures, paintings, prints, sculptures and sculptures of the local artists from the north – eastern Bulgarian. Several galleries in the country have the works of the famous sculptor Rashidov and graphic artist Zahari Kamenov, but the museum has two sculptures by V. Rashidov and three sketches Z. Kamenov.
Since the beginning of its existence, Dulovo History Museum hosts more than 50 exhibitions of different nature – history, art, ethnography, anniversaries and more.

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