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Kaynardzha Historical fountainCod 2465

In this area, called the Historic Fountain, the grateful villagers of Kaynardzha built a well in 1892. The fountain was built on the site where according to the legend, was signed the peace treaty Kyuchuk-Kaynardzha after Russia’s victory over the Ottoman Empire in the war between the years 1768 – 1774, which put an end to one of the Crimean war in the Balkans.
The city has a touristic center that offers two historical exhibitions. One of them is dedicated to the Russian Empress Catherine the Great and the war, which she won against the Ottoman Empire and the Peace Agreement Kyuchuk-Kaynardzha, a copy of which can be seen.
Another exhibition shows the development of the municipality Kaynardzha in the past and today. The exhibition presents folk areas and natural attractions of the region, protected territories of the river and Suha Harsovska river.
Close to the information is organised annually a Folklore Festival “On the tap under the willow”.

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