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The Hotel „Orbita Palace“, PlevenCod 2263

The hotel “Orbita Palace” is situated in the proximity of the city Pleven. High above the green hills of the picturesque park “Kaylaka”, famous for its history and the species of rare plants, the hotel has a spectacular view above the lake “Totleben”, the favorite place for the water and fishing tourism. Kailuka is situated at only a few kilometers from the city Pleven. The location is ideal for the people who want peace and quite and want to escape the noise and the stress from the city.

Describing the hotel: The atmosphere of the hotel Orbita Palace is the perfect combination of the elegant furniture, with a rich collection of art objects, an adequate place for business meetings, business meals and recreation.

The guests can eat at the restaurant Orbita Palace, which offers meals from the Bulgarian and international cuisine and they can relax in a lobby bar – a perfect place for business meetings.

Describing the room: The hotel disposes of 18 double rooms with air conditioning, television, mini-bar, telephone, bathroom, 8 apartments and 1 presidential apartment.

Each room has a TV, telephone, mini-bar, bath tub and hair dryer.

Sports / Divertissement: Spa, bath with mineral water, bath with minerals, with sea weeds, bath with therapeutically mineral water, bath with minerals with Pella and herbs, healing shower cubicle, with jet, inhaling, therapy of revitalizing the organism, Finnish sauna and bath with steam, fitness center and a beauty saloon, massages, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, programs for losing weight, solar, interior and outdoor pool, parking with 50 places and an elevator.


Treatments for conditions of the superior respiratory tract, of the muscular – skeletal system, post – fracture conditions, rheumatism, osteoporosis, diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

  • Baths with mineral water and pearls;
  • Mineral baths with sea weeds;
  • Mineral baths with therapeutically salt;
  • Mineral baths with pearls and herbs;
  • Therapeutically showers;
  • Jet;
  • Inhalation;
  • Therapy of revitalizing the body;
  • healing gymnastics;

Professional massage:

  • All the body (relaxation, healing, invigorating, sports);
  • Partial (relaxation, healing, invigorating, sports)
  • Beauty (face and neck);
  • Chinese (acupuncture);


Equipped with modern facilities, with calculator and cardio systems which can measure the heart beat and the duration of the efforts, the calories burnt and the possibility of choosing the level of load, according to the objectives, the age and the state of the health.

For the children:

A playground with slide for children and a pool for the children.

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