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The Fountain “Elia” (Syutliyka), NicopolCod 2246

Elia is the name of the fountain from the city Nicopol, registered as monument of culture. The ancient name of the fountain is Syutliyka. It is situated in the southern part of the city, at 1 km from the Danube. It represents an ancient Roman sarcophagus with a Latin inscription – the epitaph Elia, the earlier deceased wife of the Roman recorder Fronton.
The inscription is dated by the historians in 160 – 181. Later on, most likely during the Ottoman domination the sarcophagus is transformed into a fountain. The inscription from the sarcophagus attracted the attention of the French archeologist Dijardin. It remained very impressed by it and translated in French the inscription, also leaving at the fountain his own plate. Currently, the fountain Elia functions with headwater.

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