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The Wine Museum, PlevenCod 2250

The only wine museum in the Balkan Peninsula is situated in the city Pleven. It is situated in the beautiful park “Kaylaka” in front of the barrage “Totlebenov”. The Wine Museum has been founded in the year 2008 and it is sheltered in one of the caves from the park “Kaylaka”. Without being surprising, the museum is situated in Pleven – this city has a long tradition in this field and it is considered one of the principal centers of the wine industry from Bulgaria. Here, in 1890, it was opened the first professional school from the country of the Grape Vine and of the Wine, and in 1902 – and the National Institute of the Grape Vine.
The architecture of the museum is truly impressive. The cave in the artificial shape of a cross and with years ago it has been circulated the idea that it is here for the “Epic Pleven”. Here, the visitors can find out interesting things about the history of the wine production in Bulgaria. In the part dedicated to history, there are exhibited a multitude of images and objects associated with the history of the production, the technology and the specificity of the types according to the regions. Here there can be seen old barrels, old containers for wine, rhytons and other vessels for drinking the divine drink.
The museum offers, also, wine tasting, a short course of sommelier and it is commanded by a specialty lector. During the wine tasting, the visitors can learn useful and interesting things – how to keep a bottle of wine and why, which is the purpose of the food, at what you should look: the color, the flavor and the taste of the wine.
In the collection there are comprised wines with ages comprised between 30 and 90 years. A part of the collection comprises 6.000 bottles of modern wines from all the brands and regions.

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