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The Church from Stezherovo, StezherovoCod 2281

It was built in 1868 for 12.000 coins. In 1870, the painters Ivancho Hadzi Vasilev from Gabrovo and his brother’s son Vasil, made the iconostasis and the principal pictograms. It was consecrated in 1872 by the first Bulgarian bishop Tarnovo Ilarion.
In 1877 he was demitted by the Turks and Circassians. The Russian general Eusebiu Andreevici Rotssititski – intendent and secret royal counselor during the Russian – Turkish war, donated the Holy Gospel to the church with a precious cover, kept for the church and for the priest. On 25/02/1993, it was started the fire which damaged the iconostasis and the pictogram on the arch. In 1914, the artists G. Zhelyazkov and Ap. Hristov from the studio “St. Duke” from Sofia, provided all the major pictograms. Currently, the church from Stezherovo was declared a national monument.

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