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The Kurtpashova Tower, VratsaCod 2700

The Kurtpashova tower is a historical site from Vratsa with a raised value for our country. The former building is situated in the western part in the principal market “Hristo Botev” and it is situated near the Dramatic Theatre and the History Museum and it fits perfectly in the urban scenery.

In the 15th – the 16th century Vratsa was a rich village, which is why it was many times subjected to the robberies and to the attacks of the bandits. Here lived the biggest part of the Bulgarians who strongly stated their religion affiliation and the right to freedom.

Throughout this period, it was built and it was named the today’s facility called the Kurtpashova tower. It belonged to a noble family from Bulgaria, Kurt – Pashovtsi who were forced to accept the Moslem belief, for the Turkish authorities to allow them to stay and to govern their former possessions. In order to prevent any person who dared to contest and to try to take their country, they have ordinate to be built up the tower, which reached a height of 10 meters and consisted of four levels – at each floor there was a room. It has strong stone walls, which have a powerful resistance at the robbery essays.
The tower is used residentially – with defensive character. The superior floors are divided between them through wooden frameworks. The basement entrance is situated at approximately 2, 50 meters from the base of the building and through a wooden ladder it can be reached. In case of danger, despite all of these, that ladder was taken out, in order not to enter in the tower. The first floor served as an apartment and for defense purposes, and the last one was adapted for the protection against the fire risks.
The tower is most certainly a very interesting place, you must see it. It is one of the eternal symbols of Vratsa and the local are very proud of it.

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