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The Crest “Milin Kamak”, VratsaCod 2725

On this place, Botev and his platoon confronted the Turkish army in the first battle of their journey, later on, on the mountain Okolchitsa Botev found his death and also most of the members from his detachment. Botev lost 30 of his soldiers, but the wounded ones provided a covering place and helped the other […]

The Monument from the Peak “Okolchitsa”, OkolchitsaCod 2724

The mountain Okolchitsa is sacred for each Bulgarian. It is situated in the part of Vratsa of the Balkan area, at approximately 20 km south – east from the heroic exploitation of Hristo Botev and of the members of his rebel detachment. In this place in the rocky mountain and without water, at the beginning […]

The “Kale” Citadel, MezdraCod 2723

The archeological diggings started in 2003 with the help of the municipality Mezdra. The citadel represents 5 archeological periods from the stone – copper era until the Bulgarian medieval period. More ritual centers are registered, which, functioned in this place throughout the centuries. One of the most attractive discoveries is “Svetilishteto na tura” from the […]

The Locality “Ohoden”, OhodenCod 2722

In the ancient establishment Ohoden there were found the remains of the houses, of the tombs and of the cult equipment which are part from the so-called Neolithic, Monochrome. The most interesting discoveries are the four tombs from the early Neolithic with the people buried in them of different ages; the sanctuary of the Sun […]

The Archeological Reservation “Augusta”, KozloduyCod 2721

This archeological site from the proximity of the village Harlets, the commune Kozloduiy with more layers, with layers of culture from the Roman era, the late antiquity and the medieval periods is a fixed point for Bulgaria. In the Ist century, by the means of the decision of the emperor Titus Flavius Vespasian (79 – […]

The “Gradiște” Citadel, VratsaCod 2720

Gradiște is situated at 1, 5 kilometers west from the city Vratsa. The archeological site is situated at north from the road towards the village Zgorigrad and the river Leva, which are formed in the rock massive the Vratsata Quays. The excavations started in 2010 on the 14th of June and they ended on the […]

The Treasure from Galiche, GalicheCod 2719

Near the village Galiche, the community Byala Slatina, the municipality Vratsa in 1918 it was discovered the silver treasure. According to the information which is hardly verifiable, a woman accidentally found 24 golden silver applications – pumps (small round plateaus), but before the authorities officially understood that in fact there were only 14 pieces. Finally, […]

The Treasure from Bukyovtsy , BukyovtsiCod 2718

The treasure was discovered in 1929 in the village Bukyovtsi, the municipality Oryahovo. It consists of a silver barring, two silver phials, silver with gold jewelries, a golden silver bowl, a diadem in the shape of a hawk, application of two lotus flowers connected between them. The archeologists date it to the end of the […]

The Treasure from Vratsa, VratsaCod 2717

The treasure from Vratsa from the hill Mogilanska, was discovered in 1965 in the center of the city Vratsa. Here was discovered one of the two funerary treasures from Thrace before the Roman periods. The most interesting discoveries are in the tomb no. 2, where it is found a horse with a carriage and separate […]

The Rogozen Treasure, VratsaCod 2716

The Rogozen treasure is a Thracian silver treasure discovered at the beginning of the year 1986 in the village Rogozen, the municipality Vratsa. It is the largest treasure found in Bulgaria. It consists of 108 bottles, 54 small pots and three cups – in total 165 silver objects of high quality, among which some of […]