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The Regional Library “Hristo Botev”, VratsaCod 2705

The library was opened on the 24th of December 1954, as a regional methodical library. In 1966, it was named “Hristo Botev” and starting with the year 2006 it was transformed in a Regional Library. Starting from a collection 7.000 volumes, today the library holds 253.000 library documents from all the sectors of the science. […]

The Community Center “Produba”, VratsaCod 2704

The community center is founded in 1931 in “Bistrets” in Vratsa. It has a folkloric group and approximately 5480 volumes.

The Community Center the “Development”, VratsaCod 2703

The community center was founded in 1869 and it is the oldest cultural institution from the city of Vratsa. The library Chitalishte has 126 thousand volumes of literature, and now the center develops serious activities of information exchange under the form of seminaries, trainings, weekly radio programs, appearance in the local and national televisions, as […]

The Youth House, VratsaCod 2702

The Youth House from Vratsa is the first youth center from Bulgaria, opened in the autumn of the year 1968. Throughout the years, the Youth House was formed as a youth space destined for the development and for the expression of the creativity of the young people to extend the cultural and the significant spiritual […]

The Dramatic Puppet Theatre, VratsaCod 2701

The theatre has been founded in 1938, under the name of the “regional theatre Vratsa” by the director Anastas Popdimitrov. His first performance was on the 27th of August 1938 and it was formed as a traveling theatre. The peak period was in 1960 – 1970, when it is reached his creative maturity and in […]

The Kurtpashova Tower, VratsaCod 2700

The Kurtpashova tower is a historical site from Vratsa with a raised value for our country. The former building is situated in the western part in the principal market “Hristo Botev” and it is situated near the Dramatic Theatre and the History Museum and it fits perfectly in the urban scenery. In the 15th – […]

The “Meshchiyte” Tower, VratsaCod 2699

One of the eternal symbols of Vratsa is the Clock tower, or better known under the name of the Meshchiite Tower. The immobile is situated in the center – in the proximity of the City hall from the city. According to the historical information, this unique component point existed even from the 16th century and […]

The Memory Temple “Saint Sofronius Vrachanski”, VratsaCod 2698

“The Holy Ascension of God” (currently the monument temple “Saint Sofronius Vrachanski”), is the oldest religious building from the city, built in 1848. This is the natural center of the spiritual and of the political life from Vratsa from the middle of the XIXth century, consequently, inseparable associated with one of the most important historical […]

The Renaissance Ethnographic Complex “Saint Sofronius Vrachanski”, VratsaCod 2697

The ethnographic renaissance complex “Saint Sofronius Vrachanski” covers a surface of 5, 5 acres, on which there are three houses in the typical renaissance architectural style for this region and two public buildings from the same period – the house of the family Hadzhitoshev and the house of Ivan Zambin, the building of the renaissance […]

The Museum of Regional History and the Art Gallery, VratsaCod 2696

The beginning of the museum from Vratsa is set in the dawn of the Bulgarian Renaissance. It is associated with the ordination of the Bishop Saint Sofronii from Vratsa and his mission as spiritual and political pastor of the population alongside the north – west of the Bulgarian territory. He is the creator of the […]